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MLK’s Arsenal & The Racist Roots of Gun Control in the U.S.


Martin Luther King, Jr., known for peaceful resistance, at the same time recognized the importance of gun ownership for self-defense. King understood the risks involved in being an outspoken civil rights leader, living in Jim Crow era Alabama, and took measures to protect himself, his family and others around him.

King was a gun owner.  In fact, he had a few guns–one visitor to the King family home described King’s supply of weapons as an “armory.”

Additionally, William Worthy, a journalist who covered the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, reported that he almost sat on a loaded gun while visiting King’s parsonage.

King had also applied for a concealed carry permit, but was turned down.  According to John M. Snyder:

“At one time, King applied for a permit to carry a concealed handgun, but was denied. He was concerned for his personal safety, just as are a lot of law-abiding American citizens. “

We Have the Right

I am a new member to this fine organization and much of the subject matter is deserving of well thought out discussion and also insight from so many that may be wary of publishing their opinion on a given subject. I have been making posts and comments as I am able.

The Second Amendment is truly near and dear to my heart. I believe our legislators instituted this amendment to ensure the government would not be able to simply run over its constituents and that Americans may protect their homes, families, and property. Throughout history we see cases where a nation disarmed becomes a weaker and even less safe nation. I will not post them here, but all should have a look at crime statistics here in the US as well as abroad after private gun ownership is banned. We as a people have the right to defend ourselves.

I look forward to encouragement and debate over this issue.


Montana strikes a blow big government regulation

The folks in Montana - Democrat Governor included - have struck a blow for states' rights and against the "enlarged" understanding of the Interstate Commerce Clause of the Constitution (through which so much of big government has been driven).

From Volokh:  

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