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Punk Church Vandals Sentenced by What Country??

Punk Church Vandals Sentenced by What Country??

Moscow : Russia | Aug 17, 2012 at 7:39 PM PDT
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Inside Russian Orthodox Church

by Rev. Austin Miles

Moscow (8/17/12) America once led the world in Christian leadership. So strong was the presence that one would not even THINK of vandalizing a church. Back then churches kept their doors open 24 hours a day so anyone at anytime could come in to pray.

Pastors were held in high esteem and given respect. Pastors earned that respect by their conduct, devotion to God’s work and lived a life of accountability. That is what gave the church her power.

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Dangerous Minorities Evoke Misplaced Fears

The Communist Soviet Union ruled the population with an iron hand, evoking fear by their very presence, dictating every move made and even every thought. Yet, those Communists who bullied and ruled, only encompassed 10 percent of the whole country! A minority. Yet they spoke and moved with such confident authority that one would dare not challenge them in any way.

Life was such behind the Iron Curtain that when Joseph Stalin spoke, everyone in the area was required to be there. At the end of the speech the audience applauded loudly. The applause lasted 15 minutes or more as the visible uniformed authorities scanned the crowd with piercing eyes to see who would be the first to stop applauding. That one would be immediately arrested, pummeled, and hauled off to the Gulag.

With these fear tactics, life was impossible with threatening consequences no matter what you did. Yet again, 90 percent of the Russian population was NOT Communist. Ninety per cent, the MAJORITY of the population, cowed before that 10 % who had managed to brow-beat them into submission.

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