News of the Morning--Students Pray At The Pole

There is no sweeter music in the world than that of a child...of young people praying. Such were the exquisite sounds that filled the air throughout the Oakley, California neighborhood this morning as Trinity Christian School at Mountain View Christian Center took part in the world wide, "See You At The Pole," event where students asked God's help and blessings upon their school, the community and America.

The "See You At The Pole" prayer event which takes place by the flagpoles of almost every school in America on this date, was initiated by students in Texas 20 years ago and quickly spread throughout the United States, Canada and Overseas.
Trinity Principal Linda Miller greeted the crowd. Each grade of the school was represented by one of its students who offered their prayers with loving confidence. Ben Evans, a 10th grader summed up every student's thoughts with his prayer that asked God's blessings upon our school, country, upon service men and women, for our government and for President Barack Obama's guidance.
Opening the event, after an introduction by Principal Miller, your scribe offered this prayer:

'Our most gracious and wonderful Heavenly Father. In the midst of a world in chaos and confusion, we can confidently say, "The joy of the Lord is our strength." I praise thee that twenty years ago, students initiated an annual prayer at the flagpole, which still today, at this time, is faithfully set aside for this purpose.

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