State Dinner

MilesTones--Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? Modernized Remake

Never has any dinner party experienced more heart-burn and indigestion than Obama's First State Dinner. A couple crashed the party, mingled with guests and the president. Only problem was that they were not invited, unless inviting themselves qualifies as a valid invitation.  Lots of running around in Washington, D.C. as everybody blames everybody else for the severe security lapse. At least we now know what the D.C. stands for--Dam confusion.

Fingers pointed in all directions seeking a statement from The One, who forcefully and dramatically pontificated:  "The system didn't work the way it was supposed to."

Mark Sullivan, head of the Secret Service, that exists to protect the president, was asked if White House employees stationed at the entrance would have prevented this couple from intruding and at one point getting in the face of the president?  His thoughtful answer; "It would have helped. "  (This is why we don't have to make up quips for MilesTones.)

The couple was asked to appear at a special congressional hearing on the matter, but they failed to show up. They probably didn't go because they didn't know how to act at a function they were INVITED to.

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