Bart Stupak can't stand heat; to retire from kitchen

Imagine this... only three weeks after his ObamaCare vote.

In case you haven't heard, Michigan Representative Bart Stupak, the "pro-life" Democrat who initially led a group of similar Democrats in opposition to ObamaCare on the grounds that it would fund abortion - and who ultimately capitulated to Obama and Pelosi in order to pass the bill - has decided not to run for re-election this year.  He wants to "spend more time with his family".

Via CBS:

Had Stupak sought re-election, he would have faced challengers from both the left and the right backed by interest groups angered by Stupak's health care vote.

Stupak negotiated with Democratic leaders down to the eleventh hour for stricter abortion language in the health care bill, but he ultimately voted for it after President Obama agreed to sign an executive order assuring the new laws will keep taxpayer dollars from funding abortions. ...

On the left, the abortion rights group NARAL Pro-Choice America has been working to defeat Stupak and instead elect his Democratic primary challenger Connie Saltonstall.

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