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No, Democrats: Tea Party is not at fault; most Americans want low-tax limited government too

The concerted attack on the Tea Party during the past couple of weeks  --  by not only the Democrat leaders, but by their like-minded friends in the news media  --  is astounding.  Prior to the debt ceiling legislation being signed into law by Barack Obama last week, the coordinated attack campaign against the Tea Party included using the talking points from the political hacks at the Democrats' national headquarters.  The main talking point was that the Tea Party activists were terrorists.  They whined that the Tea Party was also holding the country hostage, and on and on. 
Even the vice president of the United States was quoted by several sources saying that he agreed with a Democrat member of Congress who called the Tea Party terrorists.  In the same Democrat caucus meeting, according to "Politico" on August 1, 2011, Joe Biden said that the debt ceiling deal  --  finally agreed to by the Republican congressional leadership  --  would take away the Tea Party's "weapon of mass destruction," the threat of default on U.S. debt obligation.

Guest Commentator Jerry Newcombe on Debt Deal

Note from Rev. Austin: The crazy debt-ceiling frenzy going on in The House on The Hill has everyone's head spinning while bearing witness to the strangest display of logic, statistics and math ever recorded. White House Wisdom has showered us with glowing examples, such as "raising the debt in order to bring down the debt." How's that again?

Since economics, debt based government, and bookkeeping were never strong points with this writer-commentator, and being no match for the White House Wizards of Monetary Muckery, the keyboard has been surrendered to TV Producer, Author, and Popular Radio Host Jerry Newcombe who puts it in a perspective that those scratching their heads might understand.

So Just Who's Happy with the Debt-Ceiling Deal?
By Jerry Newcombe

Ronald Reagan once said about runaway government expenditures, "We could say they spend like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors, because the sailors are spending their own money."

Congress has now passed into law a bill to raise the debt-ceiling and supposedly cut the projected growth of government by a few trillion over the next decade. Meanwhile, the August 2 crisis of a default on our debts has been supposedly avoided. And it seems that neither side is fully happy.

On the one hand, I hear the Tea Party being given credit for helping to frame the debate. On the other hand, I hear many of the Tea Party members themselves questioning the wisdom of the whole day.

Rodney King, Emmanuel Cleaver, Steve Cohen (D, TN-09), Riots were not the intention

Here is a few portions from Wikipedia about the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

... The 1992 Los Angeles Riots, also known as the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest,[1][2][3] were sparked on April 29, 1992, when a jury acquitted four Los Angeles Police Department officers accused in the videotaped beating of African-American motorist Rodney King following a high-speed pursuit. Thousands of people in the Los Angeles area rioted over the six days following the verdict. At that time, similar, smaller riots and anti-police actions took place in other locations in the United States and Canada.[4] Widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred, and property damages topped roughly US$1 billion. In all, 53 people died during the riots and thousands more were injured.[5]

... King had led police on a high-speed car chase and, after driving through several red lights and boulevard stops, had pulled over in the Lake View Terrace district. In a later interview, King, who was on parole from prison on a robbery conviction and who had past convictions for assault, battery and robbery,[7][8] said that, being on parole, he feared apprehension and being returned to prison for parole violations. ...

The Tea Party takes its first scalp

Scott Brown's big win in the Massachusetts special Senate election represents a lot of things, but one thing that shouldn't be overlooked is that it's the first big win by tea party activists.

A lot of forces were at play to be sure.  Coakley wasn't a great candidate.  Brown was.  She took the race for granted and didn't work hard.  He did.  But even when you take that into consideration you still look around and realize that you're talking about Massachusetts, a state Obama won with over 61% of the vote in 2008.  One of the "bluest of the blue" states in the country.

So how did it happen?

In short, Obama made it all possible in the sense that he (and the Democrat leadership) created the political environment that gave rise to the Tea Party movement all across the country.  Their big push for bigger government and even bigger spending, more debt and more government control.

It started with opposition to the bailouts...then the TARP...then the stimulus...and then the Democrats push for their version of health care reform.  All in the face of the opposition of the American people.  And that opposition crystalized into a movement that's swept the country to the point where opinion polls show support for a non-existent "Tea Party" as being higher than for Democrats or Republicans.

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Ignorant in Connecticut

This week, in the armpit of Connecticut, Torrington, a small group of people gathered at the local park for a planned tea party. And sure as rotten food attracts flies, the tea party people were joined by protesters from the "left", or so the local paper exclaims. With out wasting much precious time the ugliness and ignorance ignited, any time you have a group of alleged white folk together, you know it has something to do with racism.

The local paper reported this extravaganza as a protest between Obama supporters and Obama bashers, typical. As a resident of Connecticut, I can attest to the utter ignorance and over abundance of uninformed people. If your against Obama, you must be a racist, this is by design. Instead of illuminating the outrageous expenditures of our out of control government, these parties have been marginalized and reduced to anti-Obama rallies.

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