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Son of Lesbians Speaks out.

I am the son of two lesbians, one of which is well known as she has been on Oprah, Larry King, 20/20, and HBO. Durring the years of media hype and protesting I was kinnd forgoten. I always told the cameras that my life was as normal as anyone else but inside the truth was there was something missing. It has taken myself becoming a parent to figure out what was wrong. I had to worry about everything because of my mothers lifestyle. I was endangered at protests, school, walking down the street , and why so she could stand up for her "other half" well what about her son I didn't ask to be here. Well I am older and wiser and find myself getting ready to remove her from my life completely for the well being of my daughter.

Hawaii Christian Coalition Helps Stop Gay Marriage in Hawaii

Good news from the battle to defend traditional marriage.  This time it comes from Hawaii, where Republican Governor Linda Lingle has finally decided to veto the same-sex civil unions bill that was passed by that state's legislature this past April.  Garrett Hashimito, our Hawaii State Chairman of the Christian Coalition, has been heading up hundreds of grassroots in this effort.  The Hawaii Christian Coalition was given the credit by the local papers and media.  Garrett and his staff have done an excellent job with this veto and stopping gay marriage in Hawaii.

It's another big win in another typically "blue" state, which is a big blow to liberals who have been reeling from defeats in California and Maine over the past few years (which also tend to be "blue" states).

The bill would have given all of the same rights and benefits of traditional marriage to homosexual couples, with the only difference being the term "civil union" instead of "marriage.  This has been the political route taken by those pushing for full gay marriage in cases where they didn't think they could go that far right away, which again, makes it a big defeat.

(Via CBS)

Update From the Hawaii Christian Coalition - Great Victory For Traditional Marriage In Hawaii State Senate

A great victory for traditional marriage was won when the Senate failed to pull HB 444 by a vote of 18 to 6.  A total of 9 votes were needed to pull the bill.  Although it was believed that the bill had the votes needed to be pulled from committee, the overwhelming opposition led by the Christian Churches and community leaders gave God a great victory.

White, black, red, yellow people of all ethnicity rallied to oppose the bill.  Senators were innundated with opposition through phone calls, emails and office visits.  People also prayed and God answered their prayers.

Although the vast majority of the populace opposed HB444, Sen. Gary Hoosier stubbornly tried to have the bill pulled out of committee to support and legitimize homosexuality.  Five other Senators supported him.  They were Sens. Les Ihara, Carol Fukunaga, Suzanne Chun Oakland, Michelle Kidani and Rosalyn Baker.  Please remember their names in the upcoming elections in 2010.

The battle will continue to be fought as the gays and lesbians have stated they will continue the fight.  Although HB444 was not pulled out of committee, a surprising number of Democratic Senators and Representatives support the bill and legitimizing homosexuality in Hawaii.

The Hawaii Christian Calition will continue to be vigilant and start preparing to install God fearing candidates in the upcoming elections.

Garret Hashimoto
State Chairman, Hawaii Christian Coalition

PA Marriage Amendment

I have e-mailed all of the government and state senators and represenatives (via PA. for Marriage web site) asking them to protect marriage between a husband and a wife . I received one personal response from Daylin Leach (PA. State Represenative) as follows:

Thank you for your E-mail. Unfortunately, we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I believe that we should do for gay couples what we do for straight couples, namely encourage them to enter permanent, stable, monogamous and legally-recognized relationships. It is only by allowing gay and lesbian couples full and equal marriage rights will we begin to erase the stain of discrimination they have lived under. Thank you again for taking the time to E-mail me.... Daylin

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