Moral Combat: Video Game Instructs Players to Kill Bachmann

Remember the good ‘ole days when a great video game consisted of two Italians from Brooklyn defending a mushroom kingdom? Well, those days are over and video games have taken on new visual and political dimensions. A new video game, Tea Party Zombies Must Die, directs players to hunt and brutally kill Tea Party leaders including Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. In this first-person shooter, players are equipped with firearms and crowbars as their pursuit leads throughout Fox Studies hunting conservatives. (1) This video game is so disgraceful, that even Keith Olberman wants to boycott it. (2) Now you know it’s bad.

The mastermind behind this appalling video game is Jason Oda, a New York-based developer with Starving Eyes Viral Avergaming. While Oda is hiding behind the Frist Amendment claiming free speech, many others are defending his creation by claiming that an entertainment outlet will not insight anger or encourage violence in those who routinely play video games - teenagers. This argument is dead wrong.

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Pastor Plays Hardball With Qu'ran: Jerry Newcombe Steps Up To The Keyboard

Rev. Terry Jones is a gift that keeps on giving. He publicly burned a Koran recently which resulted in riots in the Middle East. Jones next plans something that will gain him even more notoriety. He plans to conduct a ‘trial’ of Mohammed. If the Founder of Islam is found “guilty,” the sentence will be to burn Mohammed in effigy.  Jerry Newcombe, an author, film producer and popular Florida radio host steps up to the keyboard as a guest commentator on a hot issue.

A Christian Response to the Koran-Burning
By Jerry Newcombe

Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville has garnered sensational headlines again. This is the Florida pastor who threatened to burn the Koran on 9/11 last yearAbout a week ago or so, he carried out his threat.  He videotaped the deliberate burning of a book that is sacred to millions of Muslims. And now there’s rioting in the streets of Afghanistan over this. Protesting Muslims have even beheaded some innocent Westerners, reportedly to protest this Koran-burning.

Burning Quran Not So Hot--Another Look

The publicity began full force in September of 2010 when a Florida pastor announced his upcoming, “Burn a Quran Day.” As controversy swelled, the event was on, then it was off, then it was on again. Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, a tiny church of 50 members, proclaimed that on September 11, 2010, on the 9th anniversary of the 9-11 sneak attacks on America by Muslims, the “Burn a Quran Day” would take place in the parking lot of his church.

That fire fizzled out as he cancelled the plan. However, he did recenlty go through with it, igniting a Quran along with a global powder keg. This writer thinks that the idea of burning copies of the Quran (or any other book) is not so hot, even though you will be surprised as to why this objection is offered. It’s not what you think.

When this plan first went public in 2010, the occupier of The Oval Office held a pathetic news conference where he virtually begged Pastor Jones not to go through with this idea, because this will upset Muslims which will put our miltary personnel at risk and would lead to violence to Americans overseas.

How’s that again? Our troops are ALREADY at risk, constantly. Not only those in Afghanistan and Iraq, but on our own miltary bases right here in America, such as Ft. Hood where a Muslim soldier stationed there, shot up the base, killing and wounding dozens of military personnel. There was no Quran burned.  As for attacks on Americans overseas, American civilians found we were not even safe from Muslims in our own country.

A Bum Deal Fascinating and Disturbing Look at Homeless Life--Book Review

Many automatically avert their gaze to avoid making eye contact when they see a homeless person on the street, since it is better, they feel, to not recognize through their own eyes, that homelessness exists. Those who look away are fighting a fear that they too could wind up on the street. As the philosopher, George Berkeley, reasoned, “What one perceives exists. What one does not perceive does not exist.” So what is playing out is fear, denial and perception defense.

To the homeless person, the turning of a head away from them signifies total rejection, because, they think, they are disgusting and less than human, a self-hatred perception which cause them even greater pain. They have been thrown away, rejected and treated as trash, being caught in a trap that seems inescapable.

A high percentage of those who recognize homelessness as a malfunction of society have no idea what the life of a homeless person is like behind the scenes. Maybe 50% have an idea. but less than 20% of those have knowledge of a particular form of violence in this mysterious, secret world (that is too familiar with violence in general), where the goal each day and night is simply to exist, to stay alive..

Black Thursday in America

Thursday November 5, 2009 will stand out as Black Thursday in America. All are aware of the massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas, committed by a trusted "moderate" Muslim. Much more happened on that day. Let's begin with happenings in the East Bay of California and the violence at East Bay Public Schools;

Last Thursday is a day that should never have happened. Ft. Hood stands out. However, violence was taking place in East Bay schools. At Edna Hill grammar school in Brentwood, two 7th graders punched a pregnant teacher who had tried to break up a dispute between them. Instead they turned on the teacher and beat her. This has not been reported by the liberal news media. Not a line, even though the teacher was one month away from giving birth to her child. We do not know her condition or the condition of her unborn baby.

As for the 7th graders, they are a direct product of our government run public school system, where students are taught that there are no right or wrong..whatever is right for you is right. They are falsely taught the Darwin deception that we all evolved from apes, chimpanzees and lower creatures, meaning that their lives were an accident in time and that there is no meanting to their lives, so what's the use? Do what you want and take what you want. There are no rules.

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