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Naked Santas in San Francisco - Jerry Newcombe With Word About Christmas

Those who followed my 11 part animal series know of my love for animals. Wild Life and Environmental Journalist, Cathy Taibbi, pointed out that more Liberals protect animals than Conservatives. Given that information by her, I pledged to hug a Liberal every day. They are easy to find out here.

I went to San Francisco last week to find a liberal to hug and was swarmed by a multitude of naked Santas. Yes, NAKED Santas! I kid you not. All they wore, both men and women, were Santa caps.

They of course were Liberals, but even though they ARE good to animals, I was not about to hug one of THEM!  So I got a little behind in my liberal hugging since I did not want to SEE a behind in all its glory.

Radio Host, writer and commentator, Jerry Newcombe saved the day by commandeering the keyboard to give a non-San Franciso perspective of Christmas:

What Have the Wise Men Wrought?  By Jerry Newcombe

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