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Project Red Leaf – Growing Conservative Voters on US College Campuses


Project Red Leaf’s objective is to grow a conservative voter base on college campuses across the United States. It is based on the belief that increasing the number of registered conservative voters on college campuses will positively impact local, state, and national elections, giving conservatives a better chance of winning or retaining seats.

Project Red Leaf (PRL) is a national network of certified Third Party Voter Registration Organization’s (3PVRO’s). For example, Project Red Leaf – University of Tampa is a 3PVRO registered in the State of Florida (ID#13-1). So, PRL has been legally approved and is acknowledged by the state’s Supervisor of Elections. This is what provides the permission needed to register people to vote in local, state, and federal elections.

PRL’s motto is: “One student at a time will make all the difference.” The organization continues its work with college conservative groups and College Republican organizations, which allows for the leveraging of national resources. The project follows a two-step process:

Host a Citizenship Sunday in your church!

Is everyone in your church registered to vote?  Odds are, the answer is "no".

We would like to invite you to join us in doing one of the most important things that we can do as Christian Americans – register other Christians to vote.

Statistics have shown that only about half of all self-identified Christians are actually registered, which means that they will have no voice in our government.  Simply put, if we are going to be able to have an impact on the issues we care about, this must change!

That’s what our Citizenship Sunday program is all about.

In honor of Independence Day we are Christians to participate and give everyone in your church an easy opportunity to register to vote - and have an impact for our shared values at the ballot box.

When you visit the Citizenship Sunday section of our website you will find:

  • Links to your state’s voter registration forms and information
  • Tips on how to conduct a voter registration drive in your church
  • Do’s and Don’ts for political activity in churches

The next election will come around soon enough, but now is the time for us to focus on identifying fellow Christian conservatives and make sure that they are registered to vote.

Celebrate Independence Day by registering voters!

Dear Friend,

This Sunday is Independence Day, and in honor of our country’s birthday we encourage you to participate in our Citizenship Sunday registration drive.

Statistics show that only about half of all self-identified Christians are actually registered to vote, which means that they do not have a voice in our government.

You can help change that by holding a “Citizenship Sunday” registration drive at your church.

Visit the Citizenship Sunday section of our website where you will find:

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