Wolf Killling Permits

Does Jesus Condone Hunting and Killing Wolves? Part 5

A Young Rev. Austin Miles Hangs Out With RhinosIf the Native Americans had remained in control of America there would be no ecological problems. They had high regard for nature and lived by the rule that when you cut down a tree, you plant a seed.
The Indians were hunters who had great respect for the animals they killed for food, dispatching them as quickly as possible and they even said a prayer for the animal’s spirit.

European Americans who conquered this ‘new land’ had a different set of ecological standards. They believed that everything on this earth, every resource, should be used fully and even excessively whenever wanted, with no thought to the future of the planet and with no regard to the creatures that inhabit it, including other humans.

Millions of inconvenient babies have been brutally aborted by a fanatic pro-abortion movement that declares women have the right to choose—to choose the painful death of the baby they are carrying in the womb.

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