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Why Obama’s Love Affair with Planned Parenthood?

Asheville Health Center Asheville’s Planned Parenthood Health Center

What is happening with Obama and Planned Parenthood (PP)? Obama and the United Nations? It’s a plain fact Obama can reduce the debt easily. But he’s not budging with those items. Obama’s being very coy about his actions. Obama will not cut taxpayer funds for PP, even though 98% of their expenditures are for abortion.

Obama seems to think PP can do no bad. Lately, he decided to trample the will of New Hampshire. On 9/13, the Obama administration made a decision to force New Hampshire taxpayers to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business, even after New Hampshire’s Executive Council voted to revoke a $1.8 million contract.

PP says the reinstated grant will not fund abortions. But it frees up money the abortion business would otherwise have to spend on advertising and promoting abortions. Obama Administration did not provide any competitive process for other non-abortion agencies to compete for the contract.


The only competent "rule from above" is the rule of God. This is made abundantly clear by the hash we make of it whenever we try to set ourselves up in His place.

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