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Today, Christians are playing an active role in government again by uniting to stand up for families and people of faith. Hundreds of pro-family political leaders have been elected to local, state and federal office. Pro-family activism is changing policy and influencing decisions from school boards all the way to the US Congress. You can help by joining with us.

Add your voice to the millions across America who have said it's time for people of faith to speak up and become involved. With your help, innocent human lives will no longer go unprotected by our laws, more public schools will at least meet minimum standards, and fewer of our young people will be snared by drugs, violence and sexual promiscuity.

Your becoming involved means that Christian Coalition of America can distribute more voter guides and scorecards, train more activists and sway more critical votes in Congress and the states. By joining with us, you won't just sway one vote -- you will impact America forever.

How to get involved:

  • Make a contribution!
  • Join or start a local chapter
  • Become an organizer (Precinct Captain) for your neighborhood
  • Become a contact person (Liaison) for your church
  • Become a Prayer Partner
  • Join our Pastor's Council
  • Start a blog here on our site


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Roberta Combs, President