One of the most important positions within local Christian Coalition organization is the Church Liaison. Church Liaisons represent their respective churches in the local Christian Coalition chapter, and their responsibilities include helping the pastor initiate and facilitate civic involvement among the congregation.

Church Liaisons can, with the approval of their pastor and the assistance of Christian Coalition of America, initiate the following activities:

  • Conduct regular voter registration drives in your church
  • Distribute non-partisan voter guides and legislative scorecards to church members
  • Disseminate legislative updates and issue alerts throughout the year
  • Form and oversee a Citizenship Ministry to help activate fellow church members

As Christians and free Americans, we must not forget that we have God-given stewardship duties that encompass the political process. Help fellow church members fulfill those duties by getting involved.


DOs and DON’Ts for Church Political Activity

What Churches May Do:

  • Conduct non-partisan voter registration drives
  • Distribute non-partisan voter education materials, such as Christian Coalition voter guides and scorecards
  • Host forums where all viable candidates are allowed to speak
  • Allow candidates and elected officials to speak at church services
  • Educate members about pending legislation
  • Lobby for legislation and may spend an insubstantial amount of its budget (5% is safe) on direct lobbying activities
  • Pastors (and members) may endorse candidates in their capacity as private citizens
  • Participate fully in political committees that are independent of the church

What Churches May NOT Do:

  • Endorse candidates directly or indirectly on behalf of the church
  • Contribute funds or services (such as mailing lists or office equipment) directly to candidates or political committees
  • Distribute materials that clearly favor any candidate or party
  • Pay fees for partisan political events from church funds
  • Allow candidates to solicit funds while speaking in church
  • Set up a political committee that would contribute to candidates