MilesTones Saturday Night Special

Here's more proof that MilesTones doesn't have to make anything up. Fasten your seat belts....according to Irish Central, the boss of a British recruitment firm said she was told she could not place an advertisement for "reliable workers" at the local Jobcentre because it discriminates against unreliable people.(!) How's that again?...

Specifically, the text of the ad ended by stating that "appplicants for the post must be very reliable and hard-working"  Wrong thing to say. When Nicole Mamo called the Jobcentre the following day, she was told that her ad would not be displayed in the store or on the website. A Jobcentre worker claimed that the word "reliable" meant they could be sued for discriminating against unreliable workers. Yep, by golly, we musn't discriminate against deadbeat, no-shows or those who don't finish a task.  Then there is this.....

Since Toyota stated there is a brake problem on their vehicles, it apparently is worse than thought. A man driving his Toyota to a dealer to have it examined couldn't stop his car when he arrived and crashed through the window of the dealer.

BREAKING! Obama Papers Leaking Out! Birth Place-School Records Exposed!

The following information [that] Obama has spent over a million dollars in lawyers fees to hide is now being exposed. This was sent over to us by Orlean Koehle of Eagle Forum. Since the media will not help America, but WILL help the Marxist pretender who was swooped into the White House by The Communist Party, U.S.A., we must insist that Americans in Congress and The Senate take immediate action.


MilesTones To Start The New Week

 Mark Ye Your Calendars. Tomorrow evening, January 26, 2010.  The Great Chicken Trail of Brentwood will be heard before the Brentwood City Council Meeting at 7 PM. The defendants, Henny and Penny, the hens that became famous when a neighbor complained about them, will be there in person er in chicken?  MilesTones will be there to speak in de-fence of the chickens...plus...Gunsight Scriptures Controversy, Screen Actors Guild..uh..program? Global Warming...Swine Flu...Obama and more...

The Dotted Lines: Hawaii recently set aside a day to honor the birth of Obama, wherever that is. Unlike other holidays of honor, they didn't close the banks, since The One has been closing them Himself ever since He was put in office....interesting headline caught recently in Irish Central: "6 of 10 Richest People in Ireland Are Bankrupt." How's that again?...The London Mail reports that if pregnant women eat eggs, the child they give birth to will be more intelligent. When Henny and Penny (the hens fighting eviction from a residential neighborhood), heard this report they clucked, "Of course."  This might come up at their trial tomorrow to show that they make a solid contribution to society..and please don't think we are conceited...but our reports about the chickens has been nominated for a Pullet-zer Prize.

Media Friendzy

Let me preface this post by urging my fellow Christians, conservatives, traditionalist and everyone you know,please boycott the TV series Criminal Minds. Their anti-Christian agenda has far and away exceeded common decency. Every other episode depicts some psychotic Christian who, surprise surprise, winds up being a mind washed killer , who cannot function without slaying and sadistically mascaraing some poor soul. These criminals are always white men who are blinded by obscure and out of context bible passages.

The American media is finally being exposed for what they are, left wing propagandist, nothing more. I am sorry, I forgot to mention how they pimp out tragedy and misfortune to entice the ever growing population of overweight, under read, Americans whose lust for instant gratification has led to wide spread drug use, and disfunctionality. The media conditions these lost souls with important consumer needs, compulsive habits, and unsubstantiated fears, all in between the "identity to the killer" at 9:00 and " How to control your children" at 10:00.

MilesTones--Breaking! Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood Updated--fumbling dems--dotted lines...and More...

The Great Chicken Trial of Brentwood (see story on this website) has egged on the nation to arise and set...to push Rights For Hens! The Brentwood incident started over a woman who kept two hens in her backyard which outraged a neighbor who charged the hens with poop-bombing HER yard which would bring fatal diseases into her house and throughout the neighborhood. The dispute was heard before the Brentwood planning Commission which spurred the nation to action. At the same time, a similar case was brought in Oakland where the hens won...YES...and resulted in Oakland declaring itself a "Chicken Friendly City." As reported by the Contra Costa Times (1/10/10), since the declaration the sounds of saws and hammers can be heard in the backyards of Oakland as everyone is now building chicken coops. California has finally advanced.

Liberal Virus

The Obamacon's refuse to admit Islamic terrorist have engaged us, flight 253 seems to be an isolated indecent, of course! What other explanation would there be for a blithering idiot to ignite his trousers aflame on a plane carrying close to 300 innocent lives? Well, President Obama and you liberal rainbow chasers, let me fill you in. Islamic terrorist want America eradicated, they want your emotionally enlightened liberal hearts on a stick, with mine right next to it. Islamic terrorist want my children to die, they would cherish nothing more than to fill the statue of liberty with the burned up body's of our dead, doctors, teachers, scientist, volunteer fire men, drug addicts, and musicians... Getting it? ( Oh except maybe their court appointed lawyers)

The vermin who exterminated 13 of his fellow comrades at Fort hood, another isolated indecent? The fact that he had been communicating with other anti-American radicals leads me to believe that this particular slug is a small part of an enormously and obviously large movement that would have had enjoyed if he were to murder many more than 13. Yet our President and the liberal virus are frantically running interference and spewing denial, holding on to the hope that we are as stupid and naive as we were when we let them take over.

Is It Over? 2009? Really? MilesTones Take

Is It Over? 2009?  Really? MilesTonesTake
By Rev. Austin Miles
Today, I finally stuck my head out of the covers to make sure. It is no longer 2009?  Phew!  What a strange year!  A family in New Bedford, Massachusetts returned a library book that they had borrowed and kept for 99 years after the due date. The title? “Facts I Ought to Know about the Government of My Country.” So it was a book about how to understand how our government works. The borrower probably spent the whole 99 years re-reading it and still couldn’t figure out how the government works.  D.C. Congressmen and Senators seem to have the same problem….Much more coming including a notable quip about the Tiger (obviously not made out of) Wood and the quip was made at a Senior Citizen’s Bible Class of all places!

When The Ball Drops

When the Ball Drops...On Us Obamacon's enslave America

"Right now we have a severe unemployment situation, if a political party designed a bill that eliminated 90% of joblessness, would you want them to pass it? If you say well no! It's too good to be true, I want to know how they did it. Why aren't you demanding this of the Obama care bill?"

On Christmas Eve, the snowball with which an avalanche will be formed, will be let loose. The health care bill will be signed, you and I are willing accomplices, because we had not exhausted every imaginable option to derail this fundamental departure from liberty, we are to blame. From the hash brownie eating idealist to the blue collar cog and all those in between, we failed. Millions of hapless ignorant souls have no comprehension of the poison these rats have just fed us, we, the ones that do, shame shame.

In France disgruntled workers are kidnapping their bosses because they were sold a bill of goods, they are burning cars and rioting. This because they were merely promised a utopian existence in which the government would enable them from cradle to grave; an existence where healthcare, education, employment, good will, spiritual guidance and love were to be provided by wealthy state officials and their sound digressions.

Keep Your Eye on the Tiger

Keep your eye on Tiger, because they are stealing are nation..

I am thoroughly exhausted, and at wits end, some one tell me this is a joke. Have you had the misfortune to understand just what stands between us and a radical new Marxist regime? A government that is free to tax us into slavery, defile our God, murder millions of innocent lives at the tax payer expense, euthanize our elderly, forfeit our monetary resources to third world countries, and teach our children that gay debauchery is as natural as witchcraft and mother Earth? John Baner, Michael Steele, John McCain, Newt Gingrich? Sorry, but none of these career politicians have me feeling warm and fuzzy inside, right from their suit and ties down to their typified Washington speak. I mad as heck! I am frustrated as heck! I want some one representing us who can cut through the PC jargon and convey the fact that we are tired of the lies, we are not stupid, and we've had enough!


MilesTones--Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? Modernized Remake

Never has any dinner party experienced more heart-burn and indigestion than Obama's First State Dinner. A couple crashed the party, mingled with guests and the president. Only problem was that they were not invited, unless inviting themselves qualifies as a valid invitation.  Lots of running around in Washington, D.C. as everybody blames everybody else for the severe security lapse. At least we now know what the D.C. stands for--Dam confusion.

Fingers pointed in all directions seeking a statement from The One, who forcefully and dramatically pontificated:  "The system didn't work the way it was supposed to."

Mark Sullivan, head of the Secret Service, that exists to protect the president, was asked if White House employees stationed at the entrance would have prevented this couple from intruding and at one point getting in the face of the president?  His thoughtful answer; "It would have helped. "  (This is why we don't have to make up quips for MilesTones.)

The couple was asked to appear at a special congressional hearing on the matter, but they failed to show up. They probably didn't go because they didn't know how to act at a function they were INVITED to.

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