Stealing America

As our Supreme Court awaits the inevitable implementation of left wing social activist Sotomayor, I ask myself, "How much of this can we take? They are stealing America." This tragedy is not unlike a violent car crash; your in the drivers seat, gripping the wheel, the tires are screeching, your life flashes before your eye's, and no matter which way you pull the wheel your still being sucked straight into a giant Oak tree. Earlier this week, President Obama unjustly implied that the Cambridge police officer who arrested his friend, did so out of racial motivation, then the President convinced us that we were making a big fuss over nothing when it was proven that he was dead wrong.

Black VS White: The politics of racism

During President Obama's latest infomercial, an endless diatribe of over-inflated answers laden with the usual propaganda about healthcare, we witnessed the politics of racism. A softball question at the end of the night, with which the media and the citizenry were to be led on a diversion from the disastrous health care takeover, was thrown. When the president was asked about the recent event, in which a Harvard professor was arrested at his own home, the President ridiculed the Cambridge officers as being stupid, suggesting racial profiling.

Obama and Pelosi quickly losing their Blue Dog Democrats

In the 1800's, voters in the South who only voted for Democrats were called Yellow Dog Democrats.  They hated the Republicans because the Republican president, Abraham Lincoln and his Union troops, won the Civil War and these Southerners would rather vote for a yellow dog before they would vote for a Republican.  Hence, the term Yellow Dog Democrats.   

For the past couple of decades, a new term came up to describe certain Democrats who, in general, were fiscal conservatives. And that term is "Blue Dog Democrats," a term which came from "Yellow Dog Democrats."  They were previously known in the Congress as the "Boll Weevils."  They were among President Ronald Reagan's best friends as he passed his historic tax cuts, budget-cutting programs, and defense build-up which won the Cold War.   

There are 52 "Blue Dog" Democrats in the United States House of Representatives.  About 40 of them are from congressional districts which were won by President George W. Bush twice and by Senator John McCain last year.  Even so, the Blue Dog Democrats for the past several months have marched lock-step with their left-wing Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi and their equally liberal president.  However, cracks are beginning to show in the Obama/Pelosi united front in Congress.   

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All The President's Men

In recent months I have done my fair share of "voicing my opinion" about the Barack Obama Presidency; with good reason. I feel adequately justified in believing that he is the most radically left leaning, thus detrimental, President ever to hold office, in The United States. With that said, Barack Obama isn't the end all be all in defining the decline of the American civilization.

Forcing Israel's Hand

When I learned that we were extending Miranda Rights to enemy combatants, a right specifically afforded to citizens of the United States by the framers of our Constitution, I conceded, the idea of this republic surviving(in tact) for 3.5 more years, was a fantasy. I will be writing about the demise of America(as we knew it) in an upcoming article titled, Amerika. Now, however, is it only me or does it seem President Obama is on course to irreversibly change the dynamic of our relationship with Israel? For the worse.

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The Republicans' "Welfare Reform Restoration Act"

The Republicans in the House of Representatives' Republican Study Committee have introduced a bill to restore some of the great principles that were in the welfare reform bill passed by the Republican-controlled Congress during the 1990's and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, but which has been in the process of being gutted by the last two Democrat-controlled Congresses.  It is called the "Welfare Reform Restoration Act", H.R. 1277. 

A Holocaust Survivor's Story

A Holocaust survivor's story

In Germany, when Hitler came to power, it was a time of terrible financial depression. Money was worth nothing. In Germany people lost homes and jobs, just like today. In those days, in my homeland, Adolph Hitler was elected to power by promising "Change." He blamed the "Zionists" around the world for all our problems.

He told everyone it was greedy Zionist Bankers who had caused every problem we had. He promised when he was leader, the greedy Zionist bankers would be punished. The Zionists, he promised, would be wiped off the face of the earth.

So Hitler was elected to power by only 1/3 the popular vote. A coalition of other political parties in parliament made him supreme leader. Then, when he was leader, he disgraced and expelled everyone in parliament who did not go along with him.

Diversity as the "new" Fairness Doctrine?

It's become quite clear now what Obama and the Democrat's strategy was (and is) on the Fairness Doctrine - turn down the volume and deny that's what you really want, while you work to repackage it under a new name.

The "New" Fairness Doctrine?

So what name will the new version of "fairness" operate under?  Diversity.  Or "diversity of ownership", if you prefer.

Just last week, the Senate passed an amendment sponsored by SC Senator Jim DeMint that would prohibit the FCC from reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine, while at the same time approving an amendment by IL Democrat Dick Durbin that would instruct the FCC to promote policies that foster more "minority ownership" in broadcasting.  (Of course the House hasn't weighed in on this yet)

Only Fools Rush In

nly Fools Rush In

We were blind sided by 9/11, Bush sounded the alarm, and we were all to willing to surrender a significant slice of individual freedom. With bogus wire taps and illegal confiscations of personal liberty, via the Patriot Act, the attacks became politically lucrative for the 43rd President. I don't subscribe to the whole “ It was an inside job...” theory, but just take a look at the economic hysteria that Bush handed off to Obama, he put the ball right in his hands. I guess the former President was so preoccupied solidifying this hoax, that is the war on terror, that he was powerless to stop the impending economic nose dive.

The Obamatron


I must preface this article by expressing my contempt for our new leader has very little to do with the fact that I am a sore loser. I know that contempt is a rather strong word. However when I contemplate all the unnecessary suffering that will fall flat on the back of my children, I am angered. In previous liberal administrations, naivety was arguable just irritating, now however it will come at a very severe cost. Obama continues to follow in the footsteps from the prior administrations of “ Good intentions”. The road to destruction is paved with good intentions.

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