Leading Conservatives on Twitter

Glenn Beck  Jedediah Bila  Sarah Palin

Matt Drudge  Larry Elder  Erik Erickson  

Newt Gingrich  Mary Katherine Ham  Sean Hannity

Hugh Hewitt  James Hirsen  Mike Huckabee 

Mark Levin  Rush Limbaugh  

Michelle Malkin  Ed Morrissey  Tammy Bruce

Rick Perry  Karl Rove  Thomas Sowell

Tim Tebow Fred Thompson  Brad Thor

Encourage them to spread the word!

If you are a Twitter user, you can help us spread the word about voter guides simply by clicking any of the images of leading conservatives that are on Twitter.

When you do, Your Twitter page will come up with a personalized custom message already created for you to send to them and encourage them to tell their followers about our Voter Guide program.

The 2012 election is fast approaching - and the more people that we sign up to receive and distribute voter guides to others, the more Americans we can help educate before they go to the polls this November.

Tell them to help spread the word!

(If you haven't signed up for our 2012 Pray & Vote Campaign, click here!)