ICYMI: Rep. Stefanik Discusses Sanctity of Life and Joe Biden’s Disastrous First Year in Office

Washington, D.C. – In case you missed it, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Newsmax, National Report and Fox News Radio, The Brian Kilmeade Show to discuss Joe Biden’s disastrous first year in office, the skyrocketing crime crisis that is wreaking havoc across the country, and the sanctity of life.


Highlights from the interview include:

On supporting the Right to Life:

“I’ve had the opportunity to greet my constituents year after year who come to Washington… And for me, as a new mom of my son, Sam, who is almost five months old, there is nothing more special, more extraordinary, more of a miracle than life.”

“Our first human right is the right to life, so I’m so proud of the outpouring of support and outpouring of people from all across this country.”

“I’m very glad that there are so many people standing up for their beliefs today and standing up for the most vulnerable among us – the unborn.”


On Joe Biden’s Crime Crisis:

“This is a crime crisis. My heart absolutely breaks for that child, that innocent 11-month-old baby who lost their life, and those poor parents and family members. That is a loss that will never, ever be replaced. And again, as a new mom, there is nothing more horrific than thinking about this.”

“The crime crisis is out of control. We have D.A.s in New York State who side with the criminal rather than the victims, who side with the criminals rather than siding with law enforcement.”

“We no longer have equal justice under the law when you have District Attorneys on the Far-Left making decisions that they don’t want to prosecute cases and unfortunately our communities have suffered.”

“Republicans are committed to supporting our law enforcement, to making the investments and increasing our funding for the police to make sure that we have safe and secure communities. That’s in stark contrast to the defund the police movement.”




Highlights from the interview include:


On Joe Biden’s Disastrous Year in Office:

“It’s been defined by disasters, and it’s been defined by crisis after crisis.”

“Across the board, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, every American family is worse off because of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ failures in partnership with Speaker Pelosi and the Senate Leader, Chuck Schumer.”

“Inflation has gone up almost every month of Joe Biden’s presidency, and that hits people every day, when they go to the grocery store, when they go to the gas pump. You know, on top of that, we have the border crisis, the highest number of illegal immigrant apprehensions in my lifetime.”