Kevin McCarthy: President Biden’s First 100 Days

Today officially marks 100 days since President Biden assumed office. As a candidate, he made a lot of promises about what his administration would accomplish and how he would reach across the aisle to “be a President for all Americans” — Republicans and Democrats. Let’s take a look at how the reality measures up:

President Biden abandoned his promise to govern with bipartisanship on day one and has committed to implementing a far-left, socialist agenda. This bait-and-switch hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American public, with 60 percent recently reporting that they want Biden to stick to his promise of working with Republicans to get things done.

Americans want President Biden to work with Republicans because they have seen and felt the consequences of his ill-advised policies over these past 100 days.

The day he took office, President Biden began dismantling successful Trump administration border security policies that kept our nation safe. The result of which is the Biden Border Crisis — a humanitarian and national security crisis at our southern border that’s becoming worse and more dangerous by the day. From promising a pathway to citizenship for 11 million immigrants to pausing deportations and stopping construction of the border wall, the Biden administration has made the wrong decision at every turn.

In fact, the situation became so bad that President Biden chose Vice President Harris to act as “Border Czar” to solve the problem. But that was 36 days ago, and Vice President Harris still hasn’t visited the border once. In the meantime, the amount of fentanyl coming across the border has spiked, reports of individuals on the Terrorism Watch List attempting to cross were confirmed, and detainment centers have become so overcrowded some have been forced to close.

President Biden’s fumbling of America’s energy sector has also strengthened our adversaries at our expense. His decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline in January instantly killed over 10,000 jobs and allowed Russia to gain leverage in the international energy sector. And, if his federal moratorium on oil leasing and development becomes permanent, nearly 1 million jobs are projected to be lost by next year.

Unfortunately, those are just the beginning of the mistakes this administration has made. Last month, Democrats passed the most expensive spending bill in American history — nearly $1.9 trillion — under the guise of COVID-19 relief. But in reality, only 9 percent of the $1.9 trillion goes toward fighting the virus.

Where’s the rest going? Health care for illegal immigrants, bailouts for blue states, and pet projects for Biden and Pelosi’s political allies. And it’s you, the American taxpayer, who is footing the bill.

And if a $1.9 trillion progressive payout wasn’t enough, in March, President Biden pushed for a $2.7 trillion “American Jobs Act” that spends less than 6 percent on repairing roads, highways, and bridges. Last night, during his address to a joint session of Congress, he demanded another $1.8 trillion in new spending for cradle-to-grave government intervention. When you add it all up, the cost of the Biden Spending Spree is astonishing: over $6 trillion in his first 100 days.

And as we arrive at this 100-day mark, President Biden is working hand-in-glove with Congressional Democrats to dismantle our country’s institutions. From unconstitutional attempts to establish Washington D.C. statehood through legislation to packing the Supreme Court, the Biden administration has shown that they are more concerned with political gain than responsible governance.

President Biden promised to be a unifying president. Instead, over his first 100 days he has pushed a radical tax and spend agenda. As we move forward in the Biden presidency, it will be incumbent upon him and his administration to rechart this reckless path and follow through on his campaign promises to work toward strengthening our country’s future for all Americans.