Leader Kevin McCarthy: Democrats’ Spending Bill Content – And Cost – Should Alarm Every American

Washington, D.C. – Today, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on America’s Newsroom to speak out against the Biden Administration’s socialist spending plan and the impact it will have the people of this country. “This is why people should be very concerned with what the Democrats are doing now… the content is going to last even longer than the cost,” said McCarthy. “If you [spend] $600 in your bank account, [then] the government wants to know what you are doing.”

“If you are an American and concerned about prices, privacy, or primary school, this bill should be the thing that upsets you most.”

“[President Biden] wants to hire 85,000 more IRS agents, not more people on the border… [Biden wants to provide] more than $100 billion to create amnesty for more than 10 million people that came here illegally.”

“If you believe in the concept of freedom and believe in a fair process and believe you have a right to what your children are taught in school, and if you believe that government shouldn’t look at everything you are spending your money on, call your representative and tell them to vote no.”

“[The Democrat tax-and spend reconciliation bill] will make America less competitive and will put more government into our lives… if [Democrats] put the programs in they have greater control over our lives and destiny.”