“May Allah never let it return!”

by Earl and Kathleen Cox

This is a prayer being put forth by many Palestinians, but it is not in reference to the Coronavirus.  This prayer is referring to the much-hoped-for decline of America.

It started with a report that a well-known British Palestinian journalist and television personality named Abdel Bari Atwan told viewers, in Arabic, that he believed America to be the true source of the COVID-19 virus and that it marks the beginning of the end for the United States as a world leader.  Although ridiculous, this person has a following. Atwan is publicly promoting China’s rise to power to take the place of America as a world leader.

Previous articles have warned that what is spoken to the public in Arabic is quite different from the message delivered to English speaking audiences.  The content of Atwan’s message, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel in March, was recently translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, known by its acronym MEMRI.In his virulent message, Atwan claims that the United States is responsible for having infected the city of Wuhan claiming, as evidence, the rapid spread of the pandemic in the U.S. – never mind the fact that millions of people traveled to the United States from China after the virus was known to the Chinese government but before it was known to the United States government.  This is the same person who, a decade ago, said he would dance in the streets of London if Iran were to attack Israel.Why such a deep hatred for America?  It is because we stand with Israel.  His anti-America position reveals yet another face of anti-Semitism.  In his recent video message, Atwan told audiences that he embraces the destruction of America by any means, even a tiny virus, and that he welcomes the rise of China to fill the void. How could anyone desire that freedom be replaced with complete subjugation where the government controls every aspect of private life? No freedom of speech and no freedom of the press. Odd position for a serious journalist to embrace.

It’s hard to know if this delusional Palestinian journalist has been brainwashed by China or if he is simply an opportunist playing a tune to tickle the ears of the left-leaning anti-Semites of the world.  The United States will not, under any circumstances, give an inch to any communist or socialist philosophy or agenda.  Once Corona is crushed, America will emerge stronger, more resilient, and better prepared to face any future challenge, and we will continue to stand strong with Israel, our only true friend and reliable ally in the Middle East.