The precinct is the most basic unit of the American political structure. Precincts are the building blocks that make up wards, towns, counties, state legislative districts, congressional districts, states and ultimately, the nation.

Historically, legislative influence has gravitated to those who controlled the precincts.

One of the goals of Christian Coalition is to build a permanent grassroots organization that can serve as a vehicle for whatever issues or projects that pro-family conservatives deem necessary.  Issues and personalities may change but having a permanent organization is vital to providing pro-family citizens with a permanent voice in American politics.

Precinct Captains help make grassroots organization a reality by working to organize within their own neighborhoods.

Whether voter identification, registration or education, the Precinct Captain connects the local area to local chapter of the Christian Coalition.

Download of copy of our Precinct Captain’s Manual and get started today.

Download the Precinct Captain's Manual