Sen. Rick Scott: Biden, Buttigieg Tax Hikes Will Hurt Hardworking American Families

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said a vehicle mileage tax is under consideration to fund Biden’s massive infrastructure plan, which could cost as much as $4 trillion in American taxpayer dollars. Senator Scott asked Secretary Buttigieg in his January nominee hearing about tax increases, and he admitted he’s open to raising the gas tax on the American people to pay for government’s wasteful spending. President Biden has already broken his promise to not raise taxes on any family making under $400,000 by sneaking a tax hike on gig workers and the self-employed into his American Rescue Plan Act.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Earlier this month, I wrote to Secretary Buttigieg to outline my opposition to any tax increase. The Democrats claim to care about American families, but raising the gas tax or creating a vehicle miles traveled tax disproportionally hurts low and fixed-income households. Instead of focusing on growing the economy so Congress has the money to invest in infrastructure, the Democrats want to binge spend $4 trillion – money we don’t have as we approach $30 trillion in debt – on an untargeted infrastructure plan, and raise your taxes to pay for it. It makes no sense. It’s time for Biden and Buttigieg to face reality and resist unfair tax increases. You can invest in infrastructure while growing the economy and jobs. I know it’s possible because we did it when I was Governor of Florida. The Democrats need to stand up for American families and start following the proven economic playbook we created in Florida.”