Sen. Rick Scott: Biden’s Disastrous Tax & Spend Agenda is Killing America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Rick Scott released the below statement as President Joe Biden announced his latest plan to increase America’s debt and raise taxes on American families and businesses.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Democrats in Washington think the answer to every problem is higher taxes and endless deficit spending. They say it’s the only way to achieve progress. It’s a lie and it’s killing America. Today, even as our federal debt climbs toward $30 trillion, President Biden pushed this lie out again when he proposed a massive $2 TRILLION “infrastructure” package along with $2 TRILLION in new taxes. Worse still, President Biden is proposing to dramatically raise taxes in the midst of a global pandemic. Of course, the tax increases he’s laying out today on American businesses don’t include increases to the gas tax or the new vehicle mileage tax the Biden Administration has considered. So much for Biden’s promise to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000.


“I know how important investing in infrastructure is to bringing America’s roads, bridges, seaports and airports back to being the best in the world. As Governor of Florida, I oversaw the investment of $85 billion in critical and innovative infrastructure projects. We never raised taxes once to do it. Here’s the truth that the Democrats don’t want to acknowledge: Tax increases don’t create jobs, provide sustainable government revenue or solve problems. My advice to Biden and Democrats in Washington? Follow Florida’s playbook for economic success. Focus on cutting taxes and eliminating burdensome regulations and fight every day to grow jobs. It worked in the Sunshine State and it will work for America.”


Earlier this week, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg walked back the idea of a new vehicle mileage tax or increase in the federal gas tax after Senator Scott urged him to take tax increases off the table when considering how to pay for infrastructure improvements. This is the second time Secretary Buttigieg has tried to reverse his position on raising taxes on the American people. In January, Senator Scott asked Secretary Buttigieg about tax increases during his nominee hearing and he admitted he was open to raising the gas tax on the American people to pay for government’s wasteful spending. His aides quickly walked back his statements.