Senator Blackburn On Fox News Slams Liberal Media For Biased Coverage Of SCOTUS Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) pushed back against the liberal media’s coverage of the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing for the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.


The Liberal Media Is Disregarding The Facts To Fit Their Narrative


“We are going to give her a very thorough vetting. The questions are tough. She does need to answer. You mentioned the New York Times article, you’ll notice, Sandra, they weren’t able to refute anything that I had said. They wanted to argue about context here or there, but I gave Judge Jackson her words. Likewise, we have made certain that faith, knowing that is important to Judge Jackson, as it was to Judge Barrett, we have respected that, and what you’re seeing carried forward is how a hearing ought to be carried forward for a Supreme Court Justice.”


Judge Jackson’s Past Positions Are In Line With Leftist Progressives—Not The Constitution


“By going through her writings and her speeches…she has taken positions that are right in line with the progressive wing of the Democratic Party. Now that is something that is of concern to me because we know that Tennesseans want to see a constitutionalist jurist. They want somebody who is going to be fair, they feel like Lady Liberty is blind. Lady Justice is blind, and they want equal access to opportunity to the courts and equal justice for all. So, when they hear some of this and they read some of this, they do have concerns.”


Tennessee Parents Are Concerned About Judge Jackson’s Weak Record On Parental Rights And Crime


“They have concerns about parental rights, one of the top issues that is before so many people. Whether you’re in Virginia, whether you’re in San Francisco, you want children to be taught facts in school. You don’t want them indoctrinated. They’re concerned about Judge Jackson in 2015 where she gave a lecture talking about critical race theory as one of the components to consider…. She serves on a school board and has lauded progressive education… They’re also very concerned about the issue of crime. Therefore, they’re very concerned about how she has gone light on criminals in her sentencing. People are very concerned about how, when it comes to child predators and pornographers, she has given them sentences, below the minimum. On average, going about five years below.”