The Harbinger an ASTONISHING Book!

The Harbinger an ASTONISHING Book!

New York City : NY : USA | Mar 21, 2013 at 9:55 PM PDT

Prayer Turns Flames From Church--Caught on Film

Multi-talented Rev. Richard Lee of Spokane Washington should not be a surprise since he was born into a family of high achievers, including his uncle, famed Academy Award Winning Cinematographer James Wong Howe.

Lee excels in whatever he undertakes. He is Pastor of New Hope Center in Ritzville, an attorney who astonished everyone by handling a difficult case regarding Asian Culture and against all odds, had the felony reduced to a misdemeaner, and he is a personable weekly radio host for The Richard Lee Program heard throughout Washington State on KTW 630 AM out of Spokane.

When he received the news that the Ritzville Fire Department was battling a raging fire headed toward his church on September 3rd, he ran out the door. A woman was cleaning the church when the fire broke out and the fire fighters arrived with blaring sirens.

The woman was told to leave the church which she did. She rushed to a slope where she could see the church and stopped to pray. Other church members soon joined her, uniting in prayer that God would stop the flames from reaching the church even though they were practically lapping at the front door.

Little Known Significance of Flag Folding Ceremony Revealed

Under the direction of Lt. Colonel Timothy Vaughn, Commander of The Army Cadets of California, a 10th Anniversary Observance of the 9-11 Attacks on America was held last Sunday at Crockett Park in Oakley, California with a military folding-of-the-flag ceremoney.

The flag was presented to an individual who accepted it on behalf of all Americans who were affected by the cowardly surprise Muslim attacks on unarmed civilians in New York City, Washington, D.C. and an intended one that ended in a field in Pennsylvania after the Muslims were overpowered by passengers on Flight 93 airmed at hitting either The White House or The Capitol Building in D.C.. That plane crashed in a field..Everyone on board were killed. Had it not been for the heroic actions of the passengers, that death toll would have been much higher.

This ceremony in Oakley was one of the only flag folding ceremonies that explained what each fold meant. Following that beautiful ceremony a man stated that he had two such flags that were presented to him, but this was the first time that he learned what the 13 folds meant.  For that reason, we are sharing this with our readers.

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