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Repeal and Replacing Obamacare

The pro-abortion Obamacare legislation which passed the Democrat-controlled 111th Congress in early 2010 and which accounts for 1/6th of the American economy must be repealed and replaced with the commonsense reforms advocated by the majority party.  The first major bill passed by the Republican-controlled 112th Congress on January 19, 2011 was indeed the repeal of […]

Criminal Justice Reform

For years, we have heard the mantra that we must be “Tough on crime.” Unfortunately, that hasn’t always coincided with being effective on crime. Today, we have more prisoners per capita than almost any other country, and our recidivism rate is off the charts. We are locking people up, with significant financial and societal costs, […]

Energy Independence

The time is right for Christian Coalition supporters and allies to step forward to promote energy independence initiatives. Taking responsibility to care for God’s creation and protecting the future of our children and grandchildren is a core family value. Further delays in action will impact our national security, our economic security, and our family security. […]