WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) appeared on Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street over the weekend to discuss how Democrats are refusing to take responsibility for failing to fund the government on time and their fiscally irresponsible agenda. Whip Scalise slammed President Biden for trying to pass a last-minute spending bill and shutting Republicans out of the appropriations process. Additionally, Whip Scalise called out the Biden Administration for failing to secure America’s southern border and allowing millions of illegal immigrants to unlawfully enter the United States.

On Democrats’ failure to properly fund the government:“Maybe [President] Biden forgot that his party is running all of Washington still to this day. You know, he’s in the White House. Democrats are still running the House. Democrats are in charge of the Senate. That all changes in three weeks, in large part because the American people are fed up with how [Democrats] have failed to do their job. “Just think about this: We’re in late December, and September 30th was the deadline for Democrats to do their job and get an appropriations package and the funding of [the] government in place. They missed the deadline [of] September 30th. They did a short term patch. They did another short term patch. And we’re finally on the eve of Christmas, and they get around to starting to do their work. “They’ve shut Republicans out of the process in the House, and yet they’re going to try to blame us because they couldn’t do their job. [The] American people are sick of this way of doing business. We’re going to change this when we get in the majority in just three weeks.”On President Biden refusing to take responsibility for Democrats’ disastrous spending package:“We haven’t even seen the bill. There is talk that in just a few days, Congress will vote on a $1.7 trillion package, and nobody in America can see it. We can’t see it. [Ranking Member] Kay Granger, who in three weeks is going to be the Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, wasn’t even included in these negotiations. “This is a broken system. Democrats broke it and then they want to try to blame everybody else under the sun. We’ve seen this on every front. You know, on energy prices, when prices started to skyrocket because [President] Biden shut down American energy. He tried to blame everybody else. Remember those days? You know, it’s the energy companies. It’s Putin. It’s COVID, it’s everybody but him. Except the American people know it’s his fault. And he’s failed to lead on this front as well.”On President Biden declining to extend Title 42:“President Biden created this problem. Even before he was sworn into office, he sent out a message that the border is going to be open. He opened America’s borders. What he did was he ended the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy which was incredibly effective at keeping people who want to seek asylum in Mexico because most of those claims aren’t valid. “Instead, [President] Biden started letting them in day one and they came in droves, caravans, thousands and thousands a day. And Title 42 was one of the few tools saying that under a public health period, you can’t come into the country if you can’t prove your case. And thousands of people were being turned away from that even as more were coming in, and then he’s letting that expire. He doesn’t have to do that. “Congress would like to take action. When Republicans are in charge we’re going to actually bring bills to secure America’s border. But [President] Biden can do this today with the stroke of a pen. He refuses to because he wants an open border, even when his own Secretary of Homeland Security is admitting that we’re going to have up to 15,000 people coming in illegally a day. “Secretary Mayorkas won’t take the actions necessary to secure America’s border. And fentanyl, remember, is killing about 300 people a day. Three hundred young people a day are dying just from the fentanyl coming across our open border.”On President Biden’s self-made border crisis:“When you’ve got up to 15,000 people coming into our country illegally every single day, including people on the Terrorist Watch List coming across our border – their policies, [President] Biden’s failed policy is a disaster and it’s crushing communities all across America. “I mean, you look at communities like Eagle Pass or El Paso, they’re being overwhelmed right now. They can’t handle this influx. But [illegal immigrants are] going to other towns all across America, too. They won’t even share with us how many. There are more people that have come across our border than the entire state population of a number of American states. That’s how bad this is. “[President] Biden doesn’t care. He won’t take the action. He won’t even go down to the border. [Vice President] Harris, who he appointed to be his border czar, won’t even come down to the border. We’re going to hold hearings when we’re in the majority at the southern border to highlight how bad this problem is for America.”

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