WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Network’s Mornings with Maria to discuss how President Biden’s extreme policies have led to record-high gas prices, skyrocketing inflation, surging crime, and hundreds of thousands of migrants unlawfully entering the United States. Whip Scalise urged President Biden and Congressional Democrats to take responsibility for their self-made crises and previewed House Republicans’ plan to reverse Democrats’ big government socialist agenda.

On the Biden Administration wanting to set up abortion clinics on federal land: “It’s nuts. I mean, it shows you how out of touch with the American people the Biden Administration is. They’re more focused on taxpayer-funded abortions than they are [lowering] costs for oil, for natural gas, for basic energy, and we see it driving up everything else when you’re at the grocery store. You’re paying for this Biden Agenda.”On Democrats attempting to resurrect their multi-trillion-dollar tax-and-spending spree:“They can’t give it up. I mean, they keep talking about trillions and new taxes. Taxes! Imagine that right now, with inflation, you drive it even higher. Prices would go higher, spending trillions more in Washington, instead of working with us to lower energy costs.“And we’ve got legislation – we presented it to the administration that would lower gas prices tomorrow. They don’t want to talk to us about it because they hate American fossil fuels. They go overboard.“You look at what [President] Biden’s doing now. He’s going to go to Saudi Arabia and beg them to produce more oil and frankly, as [French President] Macron pointed out to him, you know, I guess [President] Biden’s own advisors don’t know this, but Macron had to tell him they don’t have the capacity to produce more over there. We have it here in America.“And by the way, we produce it cleaner and it’s American jobs and it would lower the cost, and he won’t do it because the radical left controls his agenda.”

On House Republicans’ plan to combat inflation:

“Our plan – and we’re going to be rolling it out later this summer – the ‘Commitment to America’ is going to show the country how we can lower gas prices, how we can get energy prices under control, get inflation under control, how we can secure America’s border, Maria.“Obviously, you saw what happened over 50 deaths yesterday, and the White House is telling people that the border is closed? For God’s sake. I mean, they have no desire to fix any of these problems. We’re going to lay out an agenda that shows the country how would we fix it if they put us in the majority in November.”On President Biden begging Saudi Arabia for more oil instead of opening up domestic energy production:“This is where the [Senator] Sanders, [Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez] wing of the party [is on climate policy]. But, if and even Joe Biden as a candidate for President said, ‘We’re going shut down drilling. We’re going to stop drilling in America.’ He has no problem flying 5,700 miles to Saudi Arabia on Air Force One. Who knows what the carbon footprint of that is? When you could stay right here.“Port Fourchon, Louisiana, in my district, they could open up more production in the Gulf of Mexico, but [the Biden Administration] won’t even issue a lease sale. So, they’re in violation of law there. No new pipelines. No new LNG export facilities. You can’t even get a permit to do seismic to know what is beneath the ground in America because, as you pointed out, even with ESG, they don’t want American oil production. That’s why the price is high. Families get it. It’s not Putin’s fault. Putin’s not doing this. [President] Biden’s doing this.”On the need to reverse Biden’s war on American energy:“You know, look, China is building a new coal plant every week as we’re shutting down natural gas plants. I mean, this is the lunacy of the left’s agenda. It’s hurting American production.“Nobody has better standards. They love beating up America, on the left. Nobody has better standards in the world than the United States of America. if you’re going to make stuff, and we’re a manufacturing economy – the whole world is – make it in America. It’s cleaner, it’s better, and let’s lower the cost of gasoline.”On the true implications of Democrats’ gun control legislation:“Any time there’s some kind of tragedy, the first thing they talk about is taking away guns from law-abiding citizens. You can go to the states with the strongest gun control measures on the books – you know, how many deaths were there in Chicago over the weekend? The state of Illinois has some of the toughest gun control measures. New York does [as well]. How many deaths do you see? What you [are seeing] right now is millions of Americans are first-time gun buyers because they see crime in the streets.“You know, you just had West Hollywood vote to defund their police, and look at the results. [In] every community that’s defunded the police, crime has skyrocketed. So people, rightly so, feel unsafe. So, they’re buying more guns to protect their family. And what do Democrats want to do? Take away those guns from law-abiding citizens. That’s not the answer. Get crime under control, properly fund police, and support the men and women in uniform who are keeping our streets safe. Stop demonizing them.”On how law enforcement officers saved Whip Scalise and other Members of Congress from a deranged gunman:“I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t [for] those men and women in uniform with guns who countered the shooter. Who, by the way, was from Illinois, bought his gun in Illinois, and tried to gun down a bunch of Republicans on a ballfield and God was there that day and heroes were there that day too.”On inflation and gas prices skyrocketing due to President Biden’s big government socialist agenda: “It feels like we’re in a recession today. You know, whatever the technical measures have to back it up, I think they’re going to come later. But, in the meantime, people are feeling it today. The consumer confidence is at [its] lowest point. People are paying [more], and this is really where it becomes a problem.“When you go to the grocery store, and it costs you 20 to 30 percent more to buy basic things [like] eggs, milk, bacon, and you’re just not buying some of those things because you can’t afford to do it, if you can [even] afford to drive to the grocery store. You can’t even find baby formula.“This is the United States of America! It’s an embarrassment that [President] Biden’s got us to this point. But he’s doing absolutely nothing to try to reverse it because the radical left is controlling his agenda.”On Democrats doubling down on wasteful government spending: “And $1.5 trillion is not a moderate compromise. You know, they started at $4.5 trillion. They actually passed that through Speaker Pelosi’s far-left House. The Senate didn’t take that up, but $1.5 trillion is still going to be maybe the largest tax increase in our country’s history.“[It] would lead to even higher inflation. You know, just a depressed state of affairs for consumers. They can’t afford things already. Imagine if Washington takes $1.5 trillion more out of their pockets.”On Democrats refusing to work with Republicans to reverse their self-made crises:“The clock’s ticking, and they’re not trying to work with us, with House Republicans, to fix any of these problems. But we’re going to roll out this agenda. We’re sure going to show the country how to fix these problems.”

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