WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) joined Fox Business Network’s Kudlow this week to discuss how House Republicans are ready to reverse Democrats’ self-made crises when they take the majority next year. Whip Scalise emphasized that House Republicans’ “Commitment to America” would lower inflation, cut energy costs for American families, halt illegal immigration, stand with law enforcement, and put parents back in control of their child’s education. Additionally, Whip Scalise slammed President Biden and Vice President Harris for falsely claiming that the southern border is secure and called out President Biden’s decision to circumvent Congress and unilaterally cancel student loans for millions of borrowers on the backs of working class taxpayers.

On Congressman Mark Pocan criticizing free market capitalism and Republicans’ pro-growth economic policies:“I don’t know what altar [Congressman Pocan] worships at – if he’s going to trash people who worship at the altar of free market capitalism. I worship at the altar of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and God. But, it’s a God that believes in freedom, and it’s a God who helped give us our laws and our freedoms in America.“Our Founding Fathers didn’t talk about [the] government giving us anything. It was coming down – our powers – came to us from God, and maybe what the left is really threatened [by is something that challenges] the altar of government. Big government socialism has failed every time it’s been tried, and it sure doesn’t work in this country. Look at the disastrous results.“You go from great periods of freedom, when you were in the White House, to where everybody, by the way, had opportunity who wanted it. If you want to seek out the American Deam, that’s what you and I fight for every single day. No matter what your background is, your walk of life, your race, [and] your creed.“Today, they want to pick apart America based on race. They want to segment us and divide us based on anything they can find. That’s not what our Founding Fathers believed in, and frankly, it’s not what most Americans believe in.“Most Americans yearn for freedom. And people all around the world want America to stand for that great freedom, and that’s what we’re fighting for. And as you can see, there are people on the other side in Washington, on the far-left, who think it’s some joke to mock freedom. But most Americans want to continue to yearn and fight for freedom.”On Democrats’ far-left policies ruining the economy:“Look, [Democrats’ disastrous policies are] why we’re going to win in so many places across America on November 8th, because people are fed up with the big government socialist failure that is the Biden Administration, but they’re also seeing it in a lot of individual states.“We’re going to flip a lot of seats in New York. In California, we can win more seats. In Pennsylvania, and of course, in the states that embraced freedom like Texas and Florida, we’re going to see even more Republicans get elected there. And it’s people of all walks of life that we’re getting that are phenomenal candidates. [They are] people with military backgrounds, business backgrounds, people that care about freedom, not people that worship at the altar of government.“Look at where that’s gotten us – record inflation, high-interest rates, where you can’t even afford your shot at the American Dream, paying people not to work, all the devastation that’s come from their spending, open borders, [and] fentanyl deaths. This is not the new norm. [Also], crime in our streets because they defunded the police. People are fed up with all of that.“I think you’re going to see people go to the polls on November 8th to take their country back and go and re-embrace that dream of freedom that [President] Reagan talked about with that shining city on the hill. It’s still there. It’s flickering a little bit right now. But every generation, as [President] Reagan said, ‘It’s one generation from extinction.’ We are not going to let it go extinct, Larry. We’re going to fight for it, and we’re going to win in November.”On the negative ramifications of canceling student debt:“[President] Biden still wants to [cancel student debt], but people are revolting. You know, it’s again, it’s a partisan [issue]. The Democrats that are asking this question, and Larry, I raised this question of fairness. They like talking about equity. I like talking about fairness.“Is it fair that if you went to college and maybe your college took a lot of money and charged you way too much and didn’t give you an education, they were teaching your Critical Race Theory and hatred of America, and you got out you couldn’t get a job, you can’t repay your loan, is it fair that somebody else repays your loan?“Who is it that should repay your loan if it’s not you? You sign the document, and yet you want some single mom who’s working two jobs at the diner to pay your loan? That’s not fair. And I think most people get that.“So, [President] Biden still wants to do it because he’s just trying to appease any little segment that he can to try to create more voters for November. They never want to look past the next election. They never want to stop dividing the country. People are fed up with it. They sure didn’t like his divisive speech in front of Independence Hall, where he’s yelling at people, calling half of America fascists.“Enough of this. Let’s get back to just embracing the American Dream. Respecting our differences like William Buckley did. But, ultimately standing up for those basic values, the American values that make our country great not only here in America, but we’re the envy of the world.“Anyone who seeks freedom anywhere in the world looks at the American Dream. You know, [it’s] not the Moscow Dream. There’s no dream anywhere else except here in America, but it’s under attack right here at home. We’ve got to fight to defend it again this November 8th.”On President Biden’s costly and illegal debt cancellation plan:“[President Biden] doesn’t have the legal authority to [cancel student loans], and I think he’s going lose those lawsuits. But, it’s just the idea that he wants to go out there and give people false hope and tell them, ‘Hey, don’t worry. You know, whatever you signed up for, you don’t have to pay it back again. Somebody else is going to pay back your loan.’“If you got a bad education, maybe your college should be the one that pays back the loan. They took your money. They’re the ones that maybe made you go into $250,000 in debt and give you a degree that’s worthless. They’re the institution – maybe – that you should be going to ask for repayment, not the taxpayer, not the single mom who’s working two jobs.“So again, if the pandemic is over like [President Biden] said on 60 Minutes, it was amazing how the next day, the White House was scrambling to say, ‘No. We didn’t really say that.’ Well, we watched it. He did say that, and it is over. It’s like everybody’s getting back to their normal lives.“I mean, if a handful of crazy left-wing nuts want to drive in their car by themselves with three masks on, that’s their business, and this is America. You can do that. Just don’t make me do that. Don’t try to make me change my lifestyle or anyone else. People want to live their lives.“They want to yearn for freedom, and whether they wanted to go to a school board meeting and say, ‘Wait, I saw during COVID what you’re doing to my kid. I want to see the curriculum,’ and they’re called a ‘domestic terrorist’ by the Biden Administration. People are fed up with all of that. They want to get back to normalcy.”On Democrats’ self-made crisis at the southern border:“By the way, Larry, voters understand the difference between legal and illegal immigration. Our country was founded upon people coming to this country legally.“We just elected a great new Member of Congress, Mayra Flores. [She is the] first Mexican-born person to be elected to Congress who is a female. She’s a Republican. She ran on legal immigration and got elected overwhelmingly in a [heavily] Hispanic district because people who came here legally respect that rule of law and are insulted by the idea that millions of people can just jump the line and come across into our country, bypassing all [kinds] of laws.“Now, we see the drug cartels bringing, as you mentioned, fentanyl that has killed over 100,000 young people just last year, and maybe another 100,000-plus people this year. It needs to stop. [You’ve] got [President] Biden and [Vice President Harris] saying the border secure. It’s an insult to the American people who know it’s out of control.“[Democrats] only care about [illegal immigration] when 50 people show up in Martha’s Vineyard. What about the three million [illegal immigrants] who have shown up across the Rio Grande and parts of California and New Mexico? Let’s get back to rule of law. Let’s actually get back to the legal parts of immigration [and] make that work [and] secure the border. That’s something we’re fighting for in this November election.”

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