Congresswoman Stefanik Highlights the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act: “This is About Protecting Women’s Sports, Now and Into The Future”

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik led her colleagues in highlighting how House Republicans are fighting to preserve years of hard-fought equality gains for women by bringing to the floor the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act today, ensuring women’s sports are protected now and into the future.

View full transcript of her remarks below:

“The 118th Congress, we are so proud to be in a House Republican Majority, but I am personally proud that America elected the highest number of Republican women ever.

They are strong leaders in our Conference and, particularly on important days like today, we are so grateful for their effective advocacy to get this bill across the finish line.

Today, we will pass this historic legislation to protect women and girls in sports. Thank you so much to the incredible work.

I know that there are so many personal stories, and in addition to these wonderful women members of Congress, we have tremendous women athletes who are here with us today, who have talked about the unfairness when it comes to biological males competing in women’s sports.

If you talk to women leaders today, so many had opportunities when it came to sports growing up. I myself played varsity lacrosse, I also rowed crew in high school. To have that opportunity to learn leadership, to learn discipline, to learn teamwork is so, so important.

This is about protecting women’s sports, now and into the future.

We anticipate this will be passed today. It is a winning issue across America — standing up for the future of women and girls.”

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