Congresswoman Stefanik: “The American People Cannot Afford Another Year of Failed One-Party Democrat Rule in Washington”

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik  joined her colleagues at the House Leadership press conference to highlight the skyrocketing inflation caused by Joe Biden and House Democrats’ reckless spending and their tone deaf victory lap regarding the Inflation Expansion Act, which will only worsen our economic crisis.


Below is a transcript of her full remarks:

Yesterday, Joe Biden hosted a party at the White House to celebrate his Inflation Expansion Act, on the same day that scorching inflation numbers came in hotter than expected and the stock market plunged.

President Biden and House Democrats’ reckless spending and failed Far Left policies have plunged our economy into a recession, stolen wages from America’s workforce, destroyed retirement savings, particularly impacting seniors in my district and across America, and left America’s families with the highest food prices since 1979.

Everywhere I traveled across my district, everyone I spoke with across America throughout August, I heard about the pain that so many constituents are feeling due to Joe Biden and House Democrats’ failed radical policies. My colleagues are here today to share those similar stories about what they heard this August recess.

What are the realities that the American people are facing?

The Democrats’ inflation crisis has New Yorkers paying nearly $700 more per month and is expected to cost families across my state more than $8,000 a year. That’s in many cases a month’s salary–if you look at the inflation rate, that’s taking away a month’s salary of every American family.

Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation; as everything is costing more, Americans are making less.

Grocery prices are leaving many families struggling to put food on the table.

Families are struggling to afford their gas and energy prices due to Democrats’ war on American energy that’s only predicted to get worse.

This winter, families across my district in Upstate New York and the North Country are expected to pay the highest price to heat their homes in well over a decade.

The lawlessness and rampant violent crime continues in our communities due to Democrats soft-on crime-policies.

And the sad part is, Democrats know the consequences of their radical policies, and they continue to double down.

Today, Vice President Kamala Harris is continuing this tone deaf celebration in upstate New York, applauding and selling a law that helps the wealthy and inflicts further pain on hardworking families.

The American people cannot afford another year of failed Democrat one-party rule in Washington. It is time for leadership that listens to the concerns of every American, which House Republicans are doing every day.

We are working hard to end this one-party Democrat reign in Washington and put forth our Commitment to America that works for our constituents and the American people.

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