Earl Cox: Israel is at WAR!

Breaking news.  Information is still coming in. 


While the people of Israel were in Shabbat this morning on the last day of the Jewish high holy days, Hamas terrorists, in a well-organized surprise attack, fired over 2200 rockets into southern and central Israel leaving a trail of death and destruction. Dozens, if not hundreds, of civilians and IDF soldiers have been killed, critically injured, or taken hostage.  The situation is grim.

Furthermore, tensions and security risks exist close to Israel’s northern borders with Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. Border areas with Gaza are very dangerous. Security in the West Bank is unpredictable at best. This includes Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho and Ramallah. Tensions are extremely high across the country. Violence is anticipated even in the Old City of Jerusalem and tourists are not exempt. International and domestic political developments have led to isolated and large-scale strikes and protests. Undoubtedly violence will escalate without warning.  Transportation and other services have been impacted. Local authorities are warning people throughout Israel to stay in safe places, avoid crowds and demonstrations, and be highly vigilant in all outdoor surroundings.

I am being kept advised of happenings from some of the highest sources inside Israel. As information is received, you will be kept informed.  In the meantime, keep up with the news. I’m waiting right now with bags packed for information now as to when/if my plane to Israel is taking off.  Please do not arbitrarily send funds to Israel as professional fund raisers will undoubtedly be taking advantage of this situation.  Updates will be provided as to where to send your financial gifts where they will be of greatest benefit to the people of Israel.  Let your support for the people and State of Israel be known everywhere and keep Israel and her leaders in your prayers.

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