House Speaker McCarthy: Seven Times Democrats Voted Against America

House Republicans are keeping our Commitment to America.

After seven successful months in the majority, we have passed the largest spending cuts in American history, secured new work requirements for welfare that will lift people out of poverty, passed the strongest-ever border security bill, and accomplished so much more. That is good news for American workers and families who want safer streets, lower prices, and a stronger economy.

But what have House Democrats done in the 118th Congress to address our nation’s most pressing issues?

Here are seven common-sense priorities Democrats have voted AGAINST in the last seven months:

1. Fully funding our troops… twice.

206 Democrats voted against funding our troops and military readiness, a bill one House Democrat called “disgusting and outrageous.”

Then, 209 Democrats voted against fully funding veterans’ health care and benefits, including the largest pay increase for our troops in decades.

2. Giving parents a say in their kids’ education

203 Democrats voted against the Parents Bill of Rights, which empowers families to have a say in their children’s education and gives parents the right to know what is being taught in schools.

One high-profile Democrat even said protecting parental rights amounted to “fascism.”

3. Making our streets safer

173 pro-crime Democrats voted against blocking a DC City Council law that would lower penalties for carjacking, assault, rape, murder, and other serious crimes, even as our nation’s capital faces a record spike in violent crimes.

4. Protecting women’s sports

203 Democrats voted against the Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act, which preserves privacy and a level playing field in women’s sports.

Absurdly, Democrats claimed that protecting women from competing against biological men will fuel “a virulent hate campaign against kids who just want to play with their friends.”

5. Supporting law enforcement 

After years of calling to defund the police, 132 Democrats voted against giving law enforcement the resources they need to keep lethal fentanyl out of our communities.

Democrats argued that cracking down on drug dealers who sell fentanyl, which kills more than 300 Americans every day, is racist.

Indeed, earlier this year, one radical Democrat said policing is “a tool of white supremacy.” Another called to “dismantle” law enforcement.

6. Stopping Biden’s open border crisis

211 Democrats voted against the strongest border security bill in American history, which would secure the border from President Biden’s record crossings, record carelessness, and record chaos.

Democrats said securing the border was “extreme,” “un-American,” and “medieval.

7. Lowering energy prices

203 Democrats voted against unleashing America’s energy production, lowering fuel prices, and making us less dependent on China.

Such measures “will literally kill us,” one Democrat congresswoman said on the House floor.

BONUS: 86 Democrats voted against a resolution denouncing the horrors of socialism, while 117 Democrats voted against a resolution expressing support for law enforcement.

We can’t understand why House Democrats voted against so many common-sense measures that help the American people. But one thing is clear: Radicalism is the defining feature of today’s Democrat Party.

House Democrats’ voting record proves it.

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