ICYMI: Congressman Chip Roy says we should DEFUND universities that promote antisemitism

WASHINGTON, DC — Last week, Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) joined Sean Hannity and Speaker Mike Johnson and discussed how to address the widespread scourge of anti-Semitism on college campuses.

Some key quotes are below:

  • “We’ve been funding the universities that are teaching our young that it is perfectly fine and acceptable to perpetuate hate to the Jews.” 
  • “Why are we funding these universities with massive endowments to continue to perpetuate hate? We should defund that.” 
  • “We’re all here united standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel, we’re ready to send over a sole legislation that would focus on Israel – that is paid for. Unfortunately, I think our democrat colleagues are more interested in siding with the IRS and expanding it to go after the American people rather than side with Israel.” 
  • “Meanwhile, this is also the result of an appeasement strategy under this Biden administration where we are allowing Iran to enrich itself by selling oil to China because we don’t put the sanctions in place. We have continued to fund the United Nations and UNRA through the human rights council. We’ve been funding all manners of sins through the perpetuation of hate with the Palestinians.”

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