Majority Whip Emmer: This is Democrats’ desperation time

WASHINGTON – Majority Whip Tom Emmer joined Fox News’ America Reports to discuss the latest on the debt limit as Joe Biden risks becoming the first president in history to default on the nation’s debt.

Whip Emmer on debt limit negotiations:

“The House, under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership, has passed a debt ceiling solution which, by the way, we had 218 of our members support. I just want to remind people that every Democrat in the House voted against raising the debt ceiling when we had that vote. So Kevin McCarthy has been working, trying to get this president, the White House to negotiate for months. I mean since January. Finally got him to at least pay attention three weeks ago, but there has been no urgency, John. The problem is, with the White House, you’ve got the president who leaves the country, you’ve got a Senate who leaves the District of Columbia. They are taking time off right now away from Washington. This crisis, which Janet Yellen says could be as early as June 1st, and she’s given some mixed messages. Quite frankly, there’s a bunch of us that would love to have her show us her homework. We’d love to see her math at how she’s coming up with this. But we have to take her at her word – and our Speaker is – that it could be as early as June 1st. Republicans have the solution. Republicans have been willing to work – our Speaker has – with the White House. So far, there just hasn’t been any urgency on their side of the equation.”

Whip Emmer on Democrats’ attacks against House Republicans:

“Last week it was, ‘Republicans are cutting veterans benefits’ which was not true. The week before or this week, it was the 14th Amendment. I mean this is Democrats’ desperation time. Hakeem Jeffries has a job to do. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much to sell. You’ve got a White House that refuses to lead, you’ve got a Senate that refuses to act or can’t act. You’ve got a House led by Kevin McCarthy that says look, we need to raise the debt ceiling. We need to make sure there is no default in this country, and we have a solution to do that with spending reforms. By the way, a CNN poll says 60 percent of Americans agree with Kevin McCarthy.”

Whip Emmer on getting a deal passed through the House:

“When [Speaker McCarthy’s] talking concessions, he’s not making any concessions. He’s not negotiating against himself. He put the deal on the table. He has made it clear Republicans will not default. This is all on the president at this point. If the president is going to come in – and he told you in the original deal that he passed with 218 members supporting it – it had Joe Manchin’s caps on it. It had Joe Biden’s Clinton-era work requirements on it. These are things that are normal, and until you have the other side actually showing urgency, we’re not going to see much progress.”

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