Rep. Zeldin Statement on Biden Admin’s Latest Effort to Secure Massively Flawed Iran Nuke Deal

PATCHOGUE, NY – On Sunday, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, pushed back on the Biden Administration’s renewed efforts to enter a deeply flawed nuclear agreement with Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror. According to reports, the Biden Administration and Iranian negotiators are moving closer to a renewed nuclear agreement that includes massive sanctions relief for Iran, removal of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) terror designation, and other destructive measures, and comes in the wake of the Iranian regime actively encouraging the assassination of U.S. citizens.

“A bad deal is far more dangerous than no deal at all.

“This pact the Biden Administration is so insistent on jamming through is even more fatally flawed than the original nuclear deal from 2015 and reportedly includes extensive concessions to Iran that should absolutely not be on the table. For instance, projections from The Foundation for Defense of Democracies show the Iranian regime would receive approximately $275 billion in the first year of the proposed agreement and $1 trillion by 2030, without taking any steps to disable Iran’s uranium enrichment program. Other inexplicable concessions the Biden Administration has made include paying $11 billion for hostages before the deal is implemented, weakening sanctions against the IRGC, no changes to the prior agreement’s sunset clauses, an unworkable verification regime, and allowing for billions of dollars to flow to Russia to build a nuclear power plant in Iran, just to name a few.

“Additionally, without dealing with Iran’s many other bad activities that must end, this deal seeks to negotiate away the remaining leverage that barely even brings Iran to the table at this point. The Biden Administration is making a catastrophic mistake,” said Congressman Zeldin.

In May 2022, Congressman Zeldin wrote an op-ed in The Hill opposing the Biden Administration’s efforts to enter a nuclear deal with Iran. Read the op-ed here.

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