Sen. Johnson Votes Against Democrats’ Radical Abortion Legislation

WASHINGTON—On Wednesday, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) released the following statement after voting against advancing the Democrats’ radical abortion on demand legislation. This bill would allow abortions without any meaningful restrictions and block pro-life laws around the country.

“Democrat elected officials and the radical left have proven they are the extremists on the profound moral issue of abortion. Chuck Schumer’s legislation would eviscerate state pro-life laws nationwide, prohibit virtually any restriction or requirement for abortion and allow almost unlimited abortion up to the moment of birth.

“I’ve always felt the determination of when society has the responsibility to protect life, including the unborn, should be made through the democratic process in each state. The fact that nine unelected justices made that decision for the entire nation did not settle the issue, it only delayed the necessary societal debate for fifty years. We will now have that debate. Hopefully, it can be conducted with sincerity, compassion, and respect for the broad range of views that people hold.

“Unfortunately, members of the radical left have firebombed a pro-life office in Wisconsin and are threatening the safety of Supreme Court Justices and their families in an effort to intimidate them to impact their vote. Democrats have yet to condemn activists who are engaging in this repugnant illegal activity.

“This extreme legislation is just another piece of the democrats’ radical agenda to ‘fundamentally transform’ our country. Open borders, 40 year high inflation, record gasoline prices, rising crime, and now unrestricted abortions nationwide are the disastrous results of their polices that will ‘fundamentally destroy’ America.

Background on Abortion on Demand Until Birth Act:

  • Invalidates any and all state laws that protect the unborn child and health and well-being of the mom
  • Funds abortions in the United States and foreign countries with American tax payer dollars
  • Likely forces hospitals and health care providers to perform abortions despite possible moral or religious objections
  • Eliminates surgery center health safety standards, meaning abortion services can be provided in a garage or back room of an apartment
  • Removes restrictions on telehealth abortions, which will make dangerous chemical abortions more common


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