Sen. Marshall Statement on August Inflation Report

(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall released the following statement after the Department of Labor announced an inflation rate of 8.3% in August, remaining near 40-year highs:

“The numbers are in, and yet again we see that President Biden’s agenda is failing the nation. Kansans are hurting, Main Street merchants are hurting, and instead of helping, this Administration poured gas on the fire with another massive spending bill. Any hopes that the Federal Reserve would not have to raise interest rates next week are dead with these inflation numbers. Interest is going to increase, life is going to stay more expensive, and President Biden and the Democrats will continue to tax and spend us further into a recession. After almost a year and half of financial anxiety and paychecks that aren’t going as far, it’s clear the American people can no longer afford the failing economic agenda of Joe Biden. November can’t come soon enough.”


Gasoline prices are UP 25.6%

Utility gasoline prices are UP 33.0%

Electricity prices are UP 15.8%

Food at home prices are UP 13.5%

Food away from home prices are UP 8.0%

Used Cars prices are UP 7.8%

New Car prices are UP 10.1%

Transportation prices are UP 11.3%

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