Sen. Rick Scott: As Inflation Continues to Plague American Families, Joe Biden Looks the Other Way

WASHINGTON, D.C.  Today, Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following the Bureau of Economic Analysis release for September showing that Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index, which measures prices paid by consumers for goods and services, rose 6.2% over the year. This data shows how President Biden’s inflation crisis, caused by his and Democrats’ socialist policies and reckless government spending, continues to shrink budgets for families as the prices of everyday goods continue to skyrocket.

Senator Rick Scott said, “While Biden lies about the state of the economy, Americans are experiencing some of the highest inflation in their lifetime with no end in sight. And just like Joe Biden, the failed liberal politicians in Washington and media elites in New York and DC are happy to look the other way as American families suffer every day due to this president’s failures. Record-breaking inflation, sky-high mortgage rates, horribly low labor participation, increasingly burdensome government regulation, rising energy costs… it’s all the result of Joe Biden’s war on American workers, our energy independence and the innovation that makes our country great. While the ruling class ignores this reality, hardworking Americans are making clear that they are FED UP with out-of-touch Joe Biden and his incompetence. I hear them loud and clear. I grew up in a poor family and watched my mom struggle to make ends meet and keep food on our table. It makes me FURIOUS to see this president push the American dream out of reach for families like mine growing up. America should always be the land of opportunity and I won’t stop fighting to end Biden’s radical, socialist agenda and return power back to the American people.”

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