Sen. Rick Scott in the Washington Examiner: Joe Biden’s Heartless Message on Inflation

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, Senator Rick Scott wrote an op-ed for the Washington Examiner in response to President Biden releasing his “Plan to Fight Inflation,” which highlights what Americans have known for well over a year: the president is heartlessly disconnected from the pain his policies have caused families, and he has no idea on how to curb inflation.


In the op-edSenator Scott wrote, “The truth is, Joe Biden has never taken his duty to protect American taxpayers seriously because he doesn’t know what it’s like to start a business or have a real job, and has never bothered to understand what those challenges are like. He grew up in a family that did well financially and attended a prep school, which today costs more than $30,000 per year. His parents took care of him growing up and then we the taxpayers took care of him throughout his decades in the Senate and White House.


Nobody wants to tell the truth about today’s Democrat party, but I will: Democrats don’t care a bit about working and poor families, and Joe Biden’s White House has now made that crystal clear. Joe Biden’s message to America is this: don’t pay attention to the price at the pump or your grocery store receipt…the economy is doing great and if you don’t agree, you’re just too stupid to get it.


That’s ridiculous and typically, I’d welcome this argument. I could argue economics and cite numbers all day long that show just how out of touch Joe Biden is with reality.


But those stats don’t matter nearly as much as the harsh everyday reality facing families in my state of Florida and all across America right now.


Here are the numbers I think about every day:


I think about the number of hours that Nicole Mary, a mom whose son has a medical disability, has to spend away from her child. Nicole is working two jobs to pay her rising rent, put food on the table that’s getting more expensive every month and keep gas in her car, according to reporting from WPTV in Palm Beach.


Debt, inflation, lack of a job, car repossession – these are problems American families, like mine growing up, unfortunately face. I grew up poor. We lived in public housing and I watched my mom struggle to make ends meet. I saw my adopted dad’s car get repossessed. I know exactly what it’s like to not know when your next meal will come.


I get that not every American will face these challenges, and I pray that we soon see a day when no family deals with them. So, I’m not angry that Joe Biden grew up wealthier than others, I’m angry that he doesn’t care about those that are less fortunate.


If we want to reduce inflation, the formula is pretty simple. We need to get able-bodied Americans back to work, balance and reduce government budgets, create more competition by cutting regulation and simplifying the permitting process so businesses can get started and grow, cut taxes on Americans and our companies, buy American made products, become energy independent again and get the Federal Reserve to dramatically reduce its balance sheet.


We have a simple choice: more inflation and less opportunity, or less inflation and more opportunity. Joe Biden has made clear that the only choice he’s offering is the former.”


Read the full op-ed in the Washington Examiner HERE.

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