Sen. Rick Scott & Sen. Mike Lee Introduce Bill to Close the Gate on CBP One App Use

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to the ongoing invasion at the southern border and the Biden administration’s decision to validate the CBP One Mobile App as an acceptable form of identification for air travel into and across the United States, Senator Rick Scott and Senator Mike Lee introduced the Verifying that all Aliens have Legitimate Identification Documents (VALID) Act. This legislation directly targets the loopholes exploited by illegal immigrants to travel within the U.S. without proper identification.

Since the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) decided to accept the CBP One Mobile App as a form of identification for air travel into and throughout the United States, there have been over 200,000 migrants entering the U.S. using the app as their sole form of identification, a loophole the VALID Act would permanently close.

The VALID Act is cosponsored by Roger Marshall (R-KS), Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Mike Braun (R-IN), and John Thune (R-SD).

Senator Rick Scott said, “Biden’s TSA has made the choice to allow illegal aliens with no verified identification to use the CBP One Mobile App before flying on commercial airlines into U.S. airports. This is unacceptable and dangerous. The Biden administration has intentionally made our country more dangerous with policies that put Americans at great risk and weaken U.S. national security. I am proud to cosponsor this legislation to keep Americans safe.”

Senator Mike Lee said, “Every American needs to show ID to enter our country. So why do we make it simpler for illegal immigrants to come in than for our own people? As our nation grapples with an unprecedented invasion at our southern border, the VALID Act resolves to close the loopholes that have allowed 200,000 illegal immigrants into the country unchecked. The Biden administration’s policies have blatantly facilitated this crisis, encouraging illegal immigration and compromising our nation’s security.”

Senator Roger Marshall said, “Joe Biden’s reckless open-border policies have spiraled out of control and created the most immediate national security threat that our country faces, endangering American lives across the country. It is truly inconceivable how, in the face of such a historic attack on our nation’s sovereignty, the President of the United States continues to double down, allowing illegal aliens to freely board planes without proper vetting or identification. I am proud to join Senator Lee in addressing the staggering number of migrants exploiting our systems through Joe Biden’s CBP One App.”

Chad Wolf, former acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and Executive Director of the America First Policy Institute, said, “Shortly after 9/11 the U.S. Congress, through the REAL ID Act, recognized the importance of establishing certain security standards for identification documents to fly on commercial aircraft. Each presidential administration since 9/11 has worked diligently to bring more security to our skies. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration’s policy of allowing illegal aliens to use documents with unverifiable and unvetted information to board commercial aircraft defies common sense and congressional will and makes it easier for illegal aliens to travel than U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. The administration’s unlawful use of the CBP One app to mass parole inadmissible aliens into American communities raises both legal and public safety concerns. The VALID Act is an important step in reining in these abuses and ensuring the safety of the American people.”

Key provisions of the VALID Act include:

  • Prohibits the TSA from accepting the CBP One Mobile App, a Notice to Appear (NTA), or a Notice to Report (NTR) as valid forms of identification for passing through TSA security checkpoints and boarding planes.
  • Bans aircraft from foreign countries that accept the CBP One Mobile App, an NTA, or an NTR as legal forms of identification from operating in U.S. airspace.


Click HERE for bill text and click HERE for a one pager.

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