Sen. Rick Scott Slams UN Human Rights Council’s Hypocrisy and Anti-Israel Actions

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Rick Scott released the below statement following the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council’s decision to approve four anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian resolutions.

Senator Rick Scott said, “The Iranian regime chants ‘death to America,’ wants to destroy Israel and is willing to use every tool at its disposal to do so – including this sham of a Human Rights Council. The council’s move to single out and stand against our great ally, Israel, is completely unacceptable. The hypocrisy of the UN and its ‘human rights’ council is endless. As long as it give leaders from dangerous and genocidal regimes, like Iran, Russia, Communist China and Venezuela, a seat at the table and refuses to hold the murderous Cuban regime accountable, it cannot be taken seriously as a true defender of human rights. Instead of choosing to stay quiet and play nice while our enemies act against our allies, Biden should make clear: If this council won’t stand for human rights, a basic principle of the United States, the United States won’t take part. Period.”

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