Senator Blackburn On Breitbart: If Democrats Can’t Force Their Agenda Through Legislatively, They Will Attack The Courts

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) called out the Democrats’ blatant attempt to use the media to attack the integrity of the Supreme Court after a leaked opinion revealed the Court may overturn Roe v. Wade.

When The Left Doesn’t Get Their Way, They Use the Media to Attack The Courts


“We have to protect the institutions…this is what the Democrats do when they do not get their way. They go to the media. They would coach the witnesses because they want things to go their way. If they can’t get it done legislatively, and if they are not going to get it done in the Court, they attack the courts.”

Democrats Want To Protect “Women’s Rights” But Can’t Define “Woman”

“They have said a ‘woman’s right to choose,’ even though bear in mind two weeks ago, they couldn’t define ‘woman.’ Today, they’re out there and they’re saying, ‘no, it is a woman’s right to choose.’ This lawsuit, this argument before the Supreme Court, was not to outlaw abortion, it was just to say the proper place for these decisions is at the state level. And thereby the states should have the ability to make the decision as to how they’re going to move forward. Now, that is federalism 101. Things that are not enumerated in the Constitution, they go to the states, and the states make the decisions. That’s why you have the state legislatures that are in charge of elections. It’s why state legislatures set their rates of local and state taxations. It is why state legislatures take a lead on issue after issue like schools and school boards and curriculum, because that is federalism. The left is wrong to go after saying this would outlaw abortion because that is inaccurate.”

We Must Defend The Integrity Of The Court From The Left’s Radical Attacks


“I have to tell you quite honestly, that the American people are sick of all of the fighting that left is doing regularly—just going after issue, after issue, taking to the streets, all of the protesting and the unrest. What they would like to see is some civility. What we have to do is realize this is up to Chief Justice Roberts, to assemble the Justices to find out what happened to meet with the clerk. There’s a very small circle of people that would have access to a draft opinion. So, they are going to get to the bottom of this. We need to support the Chief Justice and the integrity of the Court as they go through this process.”

Democrats Won’t Stop Until They Legalize Abortion On Demand


“I’m the only pro-life female on the Senate Judiciary Committee. What they do is try to go after the personal destruction attacks. You can’t be a conservative woman in their mind and you cannot be fully recognized and your opinion matter unless you submit to the leftist agenda and the leftist agenda is abortion on demand up to the last minute.”

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