Senator Graham Joins Faith Leaders In Columbia To Declare Support For Israel

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today led a roundtable discussion and a press conference with faith leaders in Columbia. They discussed the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel, the American hostages currently being held by Hamas, and the path forward for Israeli security with U.S. support.

  • GRAHAM“Hamas has declared Friday, today, a day of rage. I am seeking South Carolinians to declare this coming Sunday a day of prayer. To all houses of worship in the state of South Carolina, please pray for Israel this Sunday. They [Hamas] want rage. I want prayer. They seek destruction. We seek peace. They seek a one state solution, Hamas, the destruction of Israel. I seek a world where Palestinians can live in dignity and in peace with Israel.”
  • GRAHAM: “I have a simple message. I have chosen sides. Israel has nothing to apologize for. Israel did not cause this.”
  • GRAHAM“How did this happen? This is what happens when you appease terrorists for a long period of time. When you give the largest state sponsor of terrorism more money, they don’t use it to build hospitals and schools. They use it to build rockets. The Biden Administration and the Obama Administration in my view, have gotten it wrong regarding Iran for a very, very long time. It is now time to adjust.”
  • GRAHAM“If this war escalates, if there’s an attack by Hezbollah against Israel in the north, if the hostages begin to be killed by Hamas, if American soldiers are attacked in Syria and Iraq, we should go after Iran. The largest state sponsored terrorism provides the money and the weapons for what happened in Gaza. It is time they pay a price… To Iran, it is your decision to make. Choose wisely.”
  • GRAHAM“There are no good options for Israel. There will be Palestinians who die as a result of this, who are truly innocent. I blame Hamas, not Israel.”

Click here to watch the full press conference


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