Senator Rick Scott: No Conditions on Israel Aid Until Every Hamas Terrorist is Dead

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Senator Rick Scott released the following statement slamming Democrats’ demands to include new conditions on Israel aid and apply limits on Israel’s actions to defend itself. The atrocities committed by Iran-backed Hamas terrorists during their October 7th attack, and their ongoing war in Israel, have killed more than 1,400 innocent people, and at least 33 Americans, while taking hundreds of Israelis hostage, including several Americans. Senator Scott is demanding the Biden administration bring American hostages home and has been a leading supporter of Israel defending itself and destroying Hamas. Last week, Senator Scott joined his colleagues in demanding a vote on the Senate floor to pass the House-passed Israel aid legislation, but it was defeated when every Senate Democrat voted against it.


Senator Rick Scott said, “Unlike the brutal Iran-backed Hamas terrorists, the people of Israel are fair and just in their actions to defend themselves. Tying the hands of Israel as it fights against terrorists for its very survival is unacceptable and un-American. The terrorists Israel seeks to destroy invaded its country and brutally beheaded babies, burned people alive, raped and murdered young women and are STILL holding hundreds, including Americans, hostage. It is disgusting that Democrats, including President Biden, would be considering limits on Israel and its right to defend itself. There should not be a single discussion about additional conditions on Israel aid until every single Hamas terrorist is dead. It is embarrassing that Americans and leaders within our own government would consider helping Hamas when these Iran-backed terrorists are fighting to eliminate Israel and all who live there, including innocent Americans held hostage. It is disgusting. Enough is enough—no further conditions on Israel aid until Hamas is destroyed.”

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