Senator Tim Scott Condemns Left’s Attacks on Conservative Minorities

WASHINGTON – In an appearance on Jesse Watters Primetime, U.S. Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) condemned the Left’s attacks against Justice Clarence Thomas and conservative minorities.

On why the Left attacks Black conservatives … “I certainly think that the greatest threat to the liberal coalition are Black conservatives who stand up and think for ourselves. We represent the fact that the African American community is not a monolithic community. If you can ever break the stronghold that the Democrats have on the African American community, the entire coalition falls apart.

“And think about this, Jesse: President Biden’s approval ratings have never been lower in the African American community and the Hispanic community. The last thing [the Left wants] to see are people like Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, and myself standing up and making common sense popular everywhere in the nation. And oh, by the way, we happen to be Black. That is a great threat to the entire coalition on the Left. So they want to shut it down, cancel Clarence Thomas because he dares to think for himself.”

On Justice Thomas’ character … “You think about what Justice Sotomayor said about Justice Thomas. She said he was kind, affable, first to celebrate the victories in your life — whether it’s your child’s birthday — he is such a warm-hearted person. Those were her comments, but the Clarence Thomas I have met is consistent with what she said. This is a person who rose from abject poverty in rural Georgia to live the American Dream because in America, all things are possible. Clarence Thomas is a person who has affection for everyone, even those who disagree with him, because he understands that you can disagree without being disagreeable. Clarence Thomas is a class act.”

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