Stefanik: President Biden’s $5.8 Trillion Budget Fuels Inflation, Doubles Down on His Far-Left Agenda

Washington, D.C. – Congresswoman Elise Stefanik released the following statement following President Biden’s budget plan to spend $73 trillion over the next ten years:
“As hardworking families in Upstate New York and the North Country are facing crisis after crisis due to President Biden’s Far-Left policies, Joe Biden’s budget doubles down on his failed agenda that will only make these crises worse for every American family. In the face of the highest inflation in 40 years, Joe Biden’s budget would increase the pain he has forced on every household by increasing taxes on families and businesses. As every family is experiencing historic high prices at the pump, this administration refuses to unleash American energy domination and instead is prioritizing Far-Left Green New Deal policies. No matter how the White House tries to spin it, the American people are smart and know that they are experiencing the pain at the pump and the pinch in their wallets because of one year of Joe Biden’s failed policies. They deserve better than more taxes to fuel Biden’s Far-Left agenda.”
Specifically, President Biden’s budget proposal:
  • Grows the United States’ debt to $45 trillion by 2032, which is a $15 trillion addition to the nation’s debt,
  • Hits American families and job creators with $58 trillion in taxes, and
  • Includes a nearly $1 trillion tax increase on families and hitting job creators trying to recover from failed COVID-19 policies with a $1.5 trillion tax hike.

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