U.S. Senator Marshall Proposes One Flag For All Act Amendment to NDAA

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall offered his bill, the One Flag For All Act, as an amendment to the NDAA. Senator Marshall’s amendment would prohibit any flag other than the American flag to be flown, draped or displayed on federal buildings, with certain exceptions. Senator Marshall introduced this  legislation in June, following the breach of U.S. Flag Code at the White House when the American flag was  sidelined by the LGBTQIA+ flag.


Highlights from Senator Marshall’s remarks include:

“Few, if any Americans have died for any other flag. As for me, every time this flag is unfurled, I think about my own family members who have served. My family has had someone from every generation serve under this one flag since the Civil War. Four of my grandfathers enlisted in the Union army to preserve this republic, three of whom died in the bloody battlefield.”

“My moms uncles served in World War 1, exposed to mustard gas in the Argonne Forest, and two of my dads uncles stormed the beaches of Normandy in World War 2. My uncles and cousins have served, my dad served, my brother served, I served, and now my son is serving. My family who served, that’s what I think of when this one flag is unfurled.”

“It would be right and proper, that buildings and grounds owned by ‘We The People’, that only one flag, with reasonable exceptions, that only one flag, the flag so many Americans fought and died for, the flag that represents this idea of America should be unfurled.”

“And this is exactly what our amendment does. A vote against this amendment is a slap in the face for those of us who served, and disrespectful to the families whose loved ones died defending this one flag, and the republic for which she stands.”


You may click HERE to read the full bill text.

Under Senator Marshall’s legislation, any flag other than the American flag is prohibited from being flown, draped or displayed on federal buildings or in the hallway of federal buildings. Exemptions are made for: the National League of Families Prisoner of War (POW)/MIA flag; Country flags of visiting diplomats; State flags for members of Congress displaying the flag at their official office; Tribal flags; military flags at military bases and installations; and any flag that represents the State, territory, county, city, or local jurisdiction in which the public building is located.

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