Weekly House of Representatives’ Schedule 2/5/24


On Monday, the House will meet at noon for morning hour and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. Votes will be postponed until 6:30 p.m.

Legislation Considered Under Suspension of the Rules:
H.R. 1727 – Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park Commission Extension Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Trone / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 2882 – Udall Foundation Reauthorization Act of 2023, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Ciscomani / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 2997 – CONVEY Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Boebert / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 3415 – Pilot Butte Power Plant Conveyance Act (Sponsored by Rep. Hageman / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 4051 – SHARKED Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Wittman / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 4385 – Drought Preparedness Act (Sponsored by Rep. Neguse / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 5009 – WILD Act (Sponsored by Rep. Joyce (OH) / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 1240 – Winnebago Land Transfer Act of 2023, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Feenstra / Natural Resources Committee)

H.R. 443 – Enhancing Detection of Human Trafficking Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Walberg / Education and the Workforce Committee)

Legislation that may be considered:
H. Res. __ – Censuring Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota (Sponsored by Rep. Greene (GA) / Ethics Committee)

On Tuesday, the House will meet at 10:00 a.m. for legislative business. On Wednesday, the House will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. Last votes expected no later than 3:00 p.m.

Legislation Considered Pursuant to a Rule:
H. Res. 863 – Impeaching Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, for high crimes and misdemeanors, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Greene (GA) / Homeland Security Committee)

H.R. 485 – Protecting Health Care for All Patients Act of 2023 (Sponsored by Rep. Rodgers (WA) / Energy and Commerce Committee)

Legislation that may be considered:
H.R. __ – Making emergency supplemental appropriations to respond to the attacks in Israel for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2024, and for other purposes (Sponsored by Rep. Calvert / Appropriations Committee)

Additional legislative items are possible.

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